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    7 Tips to Win more with Strikes from Alan B.

    Hey everyone,

    Alan Belcher here, and this is a recent email I sent out to my list. I just thought I'd share it here too this time. If you like it, and want more tips and free training videos you can join my list at the bottom. It's spam free, and I only send quality content.

    Top 7 ways to win more with strikes

    I am giving you my most valuable secrets for stand-up fighting
    today, but first, let me say, I was shocked by the manny pacquio
    decision this past weekend. I wasn't even listening to the cards being read
    because I new Manny won. I just knew it. But I'll be darned
    if they didn't give him a shaft right up his... well you get
    the picture. If you have followed my mma career, you would know
    that I've been there so that decision reminded me of a sad
    night of my own. But seriously, Manny handled himself like a
    champ. Much respect!

    Ok, so here's my top seven ways to win the stand up exchanges
    even if you are not a good kickboxer. If you follow these rules,
    you will automatically be more successful in your next sparring
    session, guaranteed!

    1. Be first.
    In other words, get the first lick and get the hell
    out of there. Don't wait around and get gooned. Not just the
    first lick of the fight either. The first of every round, and
    every exchange.

    2. Be first and last.
    That means, if your opponent does hit back,
    you must block, slip, or evade, then comeback with the last punch
    or kick of the exchange. This frustrates your opponent and gives
    the judges a clear picture of who won that exchange!

    2. Throw a stiff jab!
    You know your jab is weak, fix it! It's
    just a matter of trying to throw it hard. You're in a habbit
    of just laying it out there and so are 90% of ufc fighters. Throw
    it hard and fast, you'll take control right off the bat.

    3. Throw double jabs.
    Yep same as number 2 except you come right
    back with another behind it. Your opponent won't know what to
    do. You will land at least half of the second jabs you throw.
    Test it out and let me know if i'm right. Do one round in
    which you throw single jabs, have someone keep track of jabs thrown
    and landed, next round, do the same but only throw double jabs!

    4. Throw combos.
    Not just a one - two either. Throw 3, 4, and 5
    piece combos. Just increase your combos and total punches by
    20-30% and you'll be amazed.

    5. Throw more body shots.
    Make it a rule to thow 1 body shot out
    of 5 punches. Fake high, go low, the fake low and go high, this
    is a simple strategy that works well. I love the body shot for mma
    because it keeps your opponent honest and nervous to change levels
    and shoot.

    6. Throw more inside low kicks.
    I love this one for MMA because
    it's very difficult to take you down off of this kick. Other
    benefits are your opponent will be very nervous after and not be
    able to read whether the kick is going low, middle, or high. Keep
    this secret underwraps, I don't know why nobody has noticed but
    I don't believe I've ever even seen this kick blocked in
    mma. I'm sure it has, but not very often!

    7. Feint more.
    There is nothing to lose by feinting and faking.
    It will allow you to get a good idea of what your opponent wants to
    do and what there natural reactions are. It will also keep your
    opponent on edge and you can control the action.

    I hope you enjoyed. I'll send some muay-thai and mma stand-up
    techniques if your interested!
    Let me know by posting "send me some muay-thai
    techniques" on my facebook wall!

    -Big AL


    If you want me to message you all I need is your email here: http://gulf-coastmma.com/flying-heel-hook/

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    Great stuff, especially the bit about the double jab. I started working on that a few months ago and was just blown away by the amount of times the second one would get through to pop someone in the nose just as they were going to return after the first, and how much it opened up afterwards. It's such a simple change that I felt like a moron for not trying it sooner.

    As far as combos go, people seem to have this idea that if a punch doesn't land clean, it was worthless. As my coach puts it, if you throw 5 punches and two of them hit solid, that counts as a successful sequence.

    One thing that I'd like to see more of in general is attacking the back leg. The sheer surprise is enough to make most people eat it a bunch of times a round, and if they get wise and start trying to check it, you can turn it into an easy sweep. My favorite setup for that is left uppercut-cross, cut a hard angle to your left(their right) and unload. It's even better if they go to throw a cross to counter, so you can blast the back of the leg.

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    I'm quite glad that you don't know how to count, so instead of seven, we actually got eight tips.

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    I love tip #1. I haven't got much of a killer instinct and tend to hold back and try to counterpunch and then stick and move. I'm going to start trying to fire the opening shot before I run around like a frightened cartoon character.

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    By the way, something I'd like to mention, although it probably goes without saying... in my almost non-existent experience, throwing double jabs/ combos shouldn't mean throwing them too wildly. They should be clear combos with an intact guard, otherwise you open yourself up for very easy counters.

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    In fact double jabs and changing levels is both highly pushed at my gym.

    The head jab body jab is just a nice easy entry.

    By the way for no. 6 calf or leg?

    I have been mulling over this idea to throw inside calf shots but never think of it at the time
    Whitsunday Martial Arts Airlie Beach North Queensland.

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    look up hajime kazumi. he does that kick lots

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    My Sensei pushes the double jab pretty fiercely as well. Its something I might do multiple times while sparring. The second nearly always hits! It's a perfect setup for a straight right!

    The inside low also helps you to get out of the pocket if you see they're moving to counter. Lately I've really been working on using it more in ending my combinations.

    Thanks for the tips Mr. Belcher, I'm going to think about that from now on!
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    Thanks much.

    I love 'secret' tip #2 for its psychological effects on the opponent and judges.

    Solid gold!


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