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    Quote Originally Posted by ignatzami View Post
    Thank you for the feedback guys, it's appreciated. I went back to the gym last night, kept 185lbs as the working weight, and tried to focus on form, especially my lower back.

    This is the first working set:

    Sorry for the angle, it's a phone video.

    This is the fifth working set:

    After my lower back was sore, not painful, just stretched. I don't know if that was due to form, or if I'm simply really un-flexible. I was focusing on pulling my hips down, and back, focusing on maintaining the arch in my back throughout the reps.

    I moved through my working sets fairly quickly. I wanted to see if, by the fifth set, my form might degrade due to fatigue.
    I am tired from the week and I really can't get a good look at the videos from turning my head sideways. Re-read the post I made above this and give what I said a try. Do what works, ignore what doesn't.

    Here's how you make yourself an instant gym-buddy to "watch" your form:

    Get that low box to squat to parallel to like I mentioned above.

    Before squatting, hell before doing the prone rockback get some athletic tape or even masking tape and tear off 2 strips. Stand up as tall as you possibly can; imagine yourself being pulled apart at the top of your head and at your tail bone. Keep that same posture and place the tape in 2 strips or an x across your low back where it can tuck. Go squat. You'll feel it tug at your skin or the tiny hairs if you change your position.

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