In 2007, I faced Tarsis Humphries in the quarterfinals of the ADCC 87.9kg division.

I dominated the match and controlled all the positions - right until the very end of double over-time...

I got frustrated and impatient. I made a mistake which allowed him to lock on a rear naked choke that ended up putting me to sleep.

I was upset with myself for making a careless mistake that took me out of podium, but I learned from it and improved myself.

In my return to ADCC in 2009, I wanted a rematch and got it. Once again it was the ADCC 87.9kg quarterfinals.

I was hungry to prove that I could defeat him.

This was an interesting match because there was a lot of funky positions that you normally don't see,
which was by my design.

Watch my play-by-play analysis and see below to find out :)

Believe and Achieve,

David Avellan

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