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    Bruising = deficiency somewhere?

    I'm not sure if I've ever seen a discussion like this on here before and since I've been mainly a lurker since leaving my ken?po school I thought I'd start here.

    I've recently started training at local gym doing GJJ and Muay thai and love it and feel like I finally found the right combination of martial arts for me... However, I bruise like a freaking peach. So much so that after four classes my nickname at the Academy is "peaches". I don't mean a few here and there, I mean I must have close to 50 new, healing and almost healed bruises on me at any given time. They look horrible, to my girlfriend at least, and of course I live bear the beach now so I'm trying to help this.

    Anyone else out there bruise every single time they train? Are there supplements or vitamins to help? Or at least help them heal quickly? As an RN, I feel stupid asking this on a MA forum but figured there have to be more out there like me who deal with this.

    Thanks for the help guys,

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    Mostly you bruise horribly when you start and then much, much less after you've trained for a while. I don't know if it's just the way you move or if there's some kind of physical adaptation, but in my experience it decreases a lot with more mat time.


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