I was stoked to see Winky Wright dance around the younger Peter Quillin last night. I wasn't sure he would win, but I was looking forward to seeing some slick boxing. Little did I know, they matched up the old slickster with a strong, young, physical.....counter-puncher? I thought the basic rule of boxing was that styles make fights? There were maybe 2 exciting rounds out of 10. Winky, you need to retire soon. Start saving up your money.

Tarver v. Kayode: I didn't even stay awake for this one, but apparently it was also a snooze-fest.

Trout v. Rodriguez? A few interesting rounds, and some cool defense from Trout which I was happy to see as a newb who is currently focusing on learning footwork. Overall though, not too exciting.

The one shining moment of the night came from the bantamweight division. Santa Cruz threw over 1300 punches in 12 rounds dominating Malinga for the IBF title. Not too many of his punches did serious damage to his opponent, but Santa Cruz definitely brings the flurry and it was pretty cool so see him slip punches as well. Malinga hung in there with him the whole time and kept trying to work uppercuts on the inside. The only fight of the night worth watching!