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    Temple Kung Fu returns! in Full force with threats

    They have a new school. Its definitely a Shaolin style, there's no way to disagree with this:

    Because if you do disagree, you WILL be sued. FEAR IT!

    Here are some brand new, exciting posts from 2012! The school is back it appears, and they have strong ties to Simon himself:
    Grandmaster Simon and Mrs. Simon are also well and we have had a number of excellent visits and BBQ’s with them


    we will not be tolerating defamatory comments made any long. Yes, there is the Freedom of Speech as we live in a wonderful tolerant country that allows such privileges. I have personally called ‘Grasshopper’ from this forum to discuss the difference between comments made expressing Freedom of Speech and those that are Libel (written) or Slanderous (spoken). All those engaged in public discussions need to remember that they are responsible for the comments they make...as is the medium and agents there of who chooses to publicizes those said or written comments.

    Dare to be a former student, trying to tell the truth about what happened to you? :
    Case law has now been established in Canada regarding such matters. If you think you are hiding behind ‘cover names’ or ‘sign on handles’, DaveS an Ontario Student from approximately ** to around **'...you’d be wrong. I respectfully have chosen to not post your full name as you may have noticed, but you are not that hard to identify should my representatives need to contact you. There are responsibilities to comments that over step established legal boundaries.
    There's been past threads on this school before, including a court report on "Grand Master" Simon, where he arguably admits that its all made up:
    http://forum.kungfumagazine.com/foru...p/t-11858.html <== better formatted court transcript, but the rest is in the link just below this

    http://www.bullshido.net/forums/show...t=26278&page=4 <== half way down the page, the court transcripts begin



    These new 2012 threatening posts are coming from a guy who is claiming that none of the bad things that happened to people has anything to do with Grand Master Simon or Temple Kung Fu, and that it was rogue students/teachers, and that the style is authentic.

    Ex-students have tried to say otherwise, but are silenced through law suit threats. Their main forum was likely legally taken down:
    My objective is not to bully or intimidate anyone here from expressing their view on techniques, training, experiences etc etc...but please don’t forget if anyone thinks that they will not be held accountable by me and the members of Moh Pai Defensive Arts for the comments publicly made that are below bar...you’d be wrong.... remember...you are not that hard to find and the days of that ‘Yellow Website’ are over!
    But, from this thread here, you can see many schools of Temple Kung Fu actually practiced what we'd interpret as "scams": http://socialtech.ca/ade/index.php/t...ntario-closes/

    Is this rehash of Temple Kung Fu full of Bullshido? Or were they good guys all along and their reputation ruined by a few untrained teachers who ran their own franchise of the Art?

    I find this intriguing because he's blaming all the past masters, and has under Grand Master Simon's new wing, established a new school and is reclaiming the validity of their art.
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    Thank you for the links. If the transcript is authentic, the founder of Temple Kung Fu, used to have recreation with a guy named Mr. Yen as a kid for three years learning "shaolin concepts". He does some amatur boxing in Germany, has some sort of exposure to the Japanese Arts, (this is very unclear) and boom, suddenly he's an expert in the Chinese Martial Arts.

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    I trained several years at Temple Kung Fu. And honestly after seeing what goes on at other studios I am greatful for the experience. I also had an opportunity to train with an very repectable and recognized Sifu. I started fresh respecting their style and they knew where I trained before I did not expect to be starting at the level I am at TKF. The forms they shown me are new to me. However, on more than one occassion the Sifu will pull a senior student as side and say "I just shown him that today look what he is doing" each time the Senior student would respond " no he was shown that before". The truth is I was able to bring the form to an experienced level very quickly. The Sifu was impressed and smiled. Proves Temple Kung Fu was no waste of time. I have more examples but trying to keep it simple. The TKF final years was a deliberate project for obvious motives. Alot of schools out there are really missing it and I see lots of people dropping lots of $ for improper training and feel sorry they did not have near the experience I had at TKF. I am not promoting, not opening a school, not selling. At most I would only help train my own family if they wanted to learn.

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    WOW. "thrustpunch" is getting excited! ;) (and quoting a lot of stuff out of context in the process) Great use of dramatic effect.

    To clarify (and to correct assumed misinformation):

    - Temple Kung-Fu is NOT back. The Edmonton and Calgary student groups never stopped training when the TKF folded. We are non-profit clubs, NOT businesses. NO ONE earns money or makes a profit on them (not that there's anything wrong with that). The Saskatoon location opened later when one of the masters moved there.

    - Shaolin??? Not sure where you get that idea. NOWHERE on the site does it claim that. The closest it gets is saying that the style is based on an interpretation of five Shaolin animals, which it is.

    It is NOT Shaolin. It IS kung-fu. It is a system created by Simon based on everything he learned and developed. It is NOT a traditional Chinese style. It DOES contain knowledge from a number of traditional Chinese styles. Some people refer to it as kempo or kempo kung-fu, which is fine. The style can be classified as both.

    - The ties to GM Simon are personal. He has nothing to do with running the clubs and no one answers to him. We DO train his style and respect him as the Grandmaster.

    - Former students? We ARE them. We have nothing against anyone sharing their experiences at TKF, as long as it's done without slander or libel, and as long as it does not hurt anyone or misrepresent the style.

    People DID have bad experiences at TKF. The old studios WERE in many regards run in a less than enlightened way. The office politics and pressure sales were there. Instructors were underpaid, mistreated, and often undertrained (especially toward the end), affecting the consistency and quality of teaching. The extent of these problems varied greatly over time and between locations. Some studios were a lot worse off than others. All locations were independently owned and operated by the masters who owned them at that time. The companies were registered in their names, and they were responsible for how they operated. Did GMS make mistakes? Sure, who doesn't. He may have started the business, but he was not the one who run it into the ground. The business model failed to evolve with the times, and the management on the ground failed to steer their studios in a sustainable way. That's why TKF (the business) died. The style did not and will not.

    There were plenty of good experiences at TKF too. For many of us, the good far outweighed the bad. That's why we stuck with it for 10, 20, 30 years. That's why some are happy to find us and resume their training now.

    For those who have trained long enough and under good instructors, there is no question regarding the validity of the style or GMS's skill. Business model aside, the skill/style question did not even exist back in the olden days when GMS was personally running his studios and teaching classes. Is this a style for everyone? No, no style is. Is this the "best" style out there? That's a silly question, no style is. Is it combatively effective? Very. IF taught and trained right.

    We take responsibility for the quality of the knowledge we teach and how we run OUR clubs. We have been doing this since 2005/2006 when the old TKF studios folded. I don't believe you'll find a single person on the internet that's trained with us since then complaining. If there are any questions as to the way we operate or the style we train, please feel free to contact us, or talk to us in person if you are in the city where we hold classes!

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    Slightly off topic but I found a book called "Law of the Fist" at a rummage sale by Simon of Temple Kung fu!

    I read it once through and it is absolute shite! I may actually review it if I can be arsed....

    The techniques are typical (bad) karate trying to disguise as Kung fu and there is a whole lotta fluff and nonsense and cod-philosophy that would probably impress teenagers and orientophiles (is that even a word?? It is now) but not many others

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    Quote Originally Posted by 92 View Post
    I agree with everything you said, but I am going to write a long post paring your information using semantic arguments and rhetoric.
    You pretty much supported his point and removed the "dramatic effect" and then put it right back in. No, it isn't Kempo, kung fu, or a hybrid of both. There is enough PROOF and Documents that show it is something else entirely.

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    Hopefully Money Grab is Over!

    I find it bizarre that the heading on this thread is so full of threats. That is genuinely stupid and inconsistent with anyone who has an association with martial arts, or what martial arts is all about. Persons should know the truth and here is the truth about Temple Kung Fu in Winnipeg, when it existed. A couple of the head trainers were great and seemed to have a genuine passion for the art. The classes were enjoyable and the environment was enjoyable. There is one exception to this "enjoyable" experience, which was common talk among students, which I was for 18 months and everyone in Winnipeg, whom had every spent time at Temple Kung Fu had the exact same things to say. The dojo manager, who's name was Mr. Stakowski (hopefully spelled correctly), would call students into his office for a high pressure sales experience to commit to the club, for longer periods of time that they may have wanted, or could give and it was the kind of uncomfortable pressure salesmanship that one would expect by a shady used car salesman. This was a huge turn off to say the least and it was repeated, in unwarranted fashion, which really and dramatically took away from the experience. The experience was a pleasant place to train, with caring instructors and nice training partners, suddenly it felt like it was business first, in an uncomfortable way, before training, which had everyone questioning what the priority really was. I eventually quit training at Temple Kung Fu, not because I disliked the training, but the pressure sales angle became too much. I later shared my disappointing experience and having many friends in the martial arts Winnipeg community, many shared that they have trained for a time a Temple Kung Fu, which had great and accessible hours, but also quit due to pressure salesmanship and demands for overly long commitments, which many could not guarantee to make. One example: When I trained, one could sign up for 3 months of classes, 6 months, or a year. I preferred 3 months at a time, because of the ever changing nature of my job. I constantly got pressured for a year commitment, which made no sense for me and the pressure would continue in office until I felt like quitting on the spot many times. The reputation around Winnipeg, became that of a martial arts establishment, Temple Kung Fu, having money grab priorities over training priorities. I am NOT saying that this is fair, but when so many persons experienced the same thing, the reputation was NOT unwarranted. The re-opening could certainly be of qualified persons, with better priorities, with reasonable commitment requests. My goal is NOT to deter anyone from training at the re-opening locations, which may be great, but to share the experience that happened to me and happened to many. Great training, with ridiculous demands, which may not exist with the re-opening of the clubs. The training part was rewarding. I am trying to be accurate and fair. I don't regret training in Winnipeg at all, looking back on it, but it was disappointing, that at that time, the pressure sales turned me off, which may not be the case now. Thanks and all the best!


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