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    Quote Originally Posted by Kung-Fu View Post
    I'm not sure what sort of Wing Chun you're all looking at, but it isn't the same stuff that came over from Hong Kong in the 70s.

    My school play. We've had several cracked ribs and broken noses, stitches required a handful of times, twice where a punch to the area below the lips left a hole straight through, the more serious students throw up from how hard they train occasionally, I've pissed blood after sparring. Uncountable sprains and strains. One guy needed knee surgery from a training mishap. Once I pulled a little piece of someone's tooth out of my knuckle. KOs rarely, we try not to actually hurt each other. Et Cetera.

    Several times folks in this thread have said to go to a place that spars... If you want to learn to fight, that makes sense, you've gotta kick the **** out of someone and get the **** kicked out of you to really learn to fight. Every style has belt factories, anyone who claims their style doesn't is a liar or ignorant. Real Wing Chun is a vicious style that turns serious practitioners into murder machines.
    Let me guess its an underground group of bouncers and ex military guys and who get together to test their skills?? invite only kind of underground deal.

    Pray tell where this magical 'Real' Wing Chun school is?

    This is finally it guys!!! I'm sooo excited we finally found the REAL Wing Chun.

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