I know this is old and I'm sure some one has said this before but the party line is the long deep stances which in all fairness are hard to move fast with are for training your legs and arms so that when you do fight in a higher and more natural stance you are quicker and have move stamina, the thing with it is that a lot of people forget the whole idea of this being for training and not how your are supposed to fight. I have done kick boxing and I really liked it, I wanted to try shotokan and I love it. Something a good friend and dojo mate told me and something I think is the secret to shotokan is steal your karate, see something you like take and add it to you karate base. when I spar I do not stand in the "JKA" kamea I take a more kyokushin kamea in a relaxed zenkutsu, anyone with karate back ground knows what I mean, I keep my shoulders down and my elbows tucked in to protect my ribs using my karate/ kickboxing/wingtsun chain punch that is so much fun it's stupid and just fight. And if anyone kyokushin guys in portland Or are looking for a sparring partner I would love to give it a try, my friend and I do train with contact and I have done full contact in kick boxing.