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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzy View Post
    I thought Ippo was pretty cool. I'm more of a Kenichi man myself.

    Takeda is my boy!!!

    I like ogata/sage fist as well, he seems like a pretty chill villain and it was cool he saved his ryutos life since bad guys usualy dont do that!

    Would love to see a new season of kenichi the anime version of...James Shiba!

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    The show is even more ridiculous than the manga, but I'd still probably watch it. Not gonna lie.

    Any other manga readers here check out Deadman Wonderland? It reminds me a lot of Kenichi with the whole "Wimpy little punk main character that has a lot of heart but no real talent" kind of protagonist, but taken in a whole different direction.
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    The Hajime no Ippo manga has fallen into the deepest depths of status quo hell, endlessly rehashing the same plot points and fight arcs. So far the only departure from formula Hajime no Ippo has done is a slow move into magical anime bullshit land as characters start getting abilities suspiciously similar to super powers. Cases in point being Itagaki, the bullet timing and teleporting new guy at the Ippogym, and the straight up fucking magic of Woli, the mary sueish ultrasavant boxer who can develop any fighting style mid-match without having been trained in it in the slightest.

    Overall, it just feels like HnI took all its delicious boxing potential and shat all over it in exchange for endless DBZesque fights and Ranmaesque rehashing of the exact same fucking plot arc with minor changes to setting and subcharacters.

    Of course, there are awesome older alternatives like Ashita no Joe where the protagonist consistently grows as a boxer and as a person as the manga progresses in ways that make sense.

    On the less boxing side of awesome older manga, Shin Kotaro Makaritoru. All the goofy perverse humor of HnI, all the realism of something that doesn't make any sense in the fucking slightest, and a massive love for Judo.

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