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    Cull from "Warrior Concepts International" MABS thread

    I was trying to find a method for walking quietly as a fun thing to practice and happened upon this system. After reading the e-mail and the "free e-book" which is a distorted 2nd advertisement with no real information, and after reading about a story they sent me about "Nate" who "defeats 3 MMA fighters with his ninjutsu!!!" (no facts accompanied this story) The videos I have watched of this guy make it seem like he is teaching some style he made up.

    Most concerning he constantly criticizes MMA as being fake and only useful to winning belts and constantly makes a mockery of or makes light of MMA which if you understand the definition of what "MMA" is, a combination of ANY styles though there are 3 I dont need to name which are currently considered the most effective: He is technically making a mockery of his own style since no rule says you can not use ninjutsu in your MMA system. Can a "Master" really be this ignorant? I wish people were not so stupid to fall for this. Thinking you can become a ninja master watching fucking webinars.

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    Home Study Course. Bujinkan. Run away. Fast as you can.

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    Holy thread necro batman.

    I want my booj 10th dan, how do?

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    Shut the hell up and train.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadNerves View Post
    I was trying to find a method for walking quietly as a fun thing to practice and happened upon this system.
    Have you tried tiptoeing?

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    Lift a lot of weights and sexually assault anyone who tries step to you. Flip the script. Watch that fight turn to flight when you go for penetration.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raycetpfl View Post
    Just for future reference dude..... when you are doing it right you don't soil your under-roos when you nail chicks.


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