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    **** ME I sat up the entire night listening to this on PALTALK and I was supposed to go to NAGA today. Fuuuuuuck that. My chances weren't good anyway because I'd be fighting in the blue belt division and I haven't grappled in a Gi in a while. Well here it is:

    I missed the first fight so the second fight was:

    Randlelam vs. Yamamoto- Randleman takes him down(big surprise) and goes for a neck crank but Yamamoto escapes. Randleman goes for a KEYLOCK!! Well HOLEE SHEEIT, Kevin Randleman actually LEARNED SOMETHING! Hes going for SUBMISSION! Im waiting for him to realize hes Kevin Randleman and lay on top of Yamamoto and do NOTHING. Side control for Randleman, and another keylock attempt that Yamamoto escapes from. Randleman has full mount now...uh ohhh.....ANOTHER key lock attempt! WTF? Maybe Randleman got someone that LOOKED like him and actually TRIES submissions to fight Yamamoto? Damn, I wish I could see....

    Round 2- Yamamoto pulls guard, Randleman punches and gets full side control. BIG punches. Randleman get North South and throws HEAVY knees. Thats it, Yamamoto is cut. He survives the round though.

    Round 3- Randleman takes him down and gets full side control. HEAVY KNEES again, Yamamoto is cut. The ref stopes the fight. Randleman wins.

    Murrilo "Ninja" Rua vs. Ricardo Arona-

    Round 1- I had to go get some lotion for this one guys. I cant wait until they start. They start....Flying knee by Ninja, misses, takedown by Arona into Ninja's guard. Arona passes and gets side control....Ninja back to half-guard. They get ack to their feet. Some knees thrown, ref breaks them in the clinch...WTF?? Weirdo fukking PRIDE referees man. Thank God one of them is not Japanese, the other fighter might have lost already.... Ninja kicks, Takedown by Arona. Arona TAKES NINJAS BACK. Ninja escapes and ends up in Arona's guard. In the guard.....Ref stands them up. ARONA GETS A YELLOW CARD!! JESUS H. FUKKING CHRIST IN A CHARIOT DRIVEN SIDECAR!! You'd think with all the damn STEROIDS Arona is pushing he'd at least push the fukking action!

    Round 2- Arona takes down Ninja and gets side control. Ninja reverts to half guard. Their on their feet. Arona slaps a guilltine on Ninja AND jumps to guard! Ninja is defending.....hes out. Ninja is in Aronas half guard. Ninja small punches, now looking for a KEYLOCK...ohhh shiit.... doesnt get it. Arona looks tired supposedly. WTF? Who IS this guys steroid dealer?? Arona is stalling. They stand back up. Bell rings.

    Round 3- Ninja throwing some kicks, knees, referee breaks them in the clinch in classical WACKY Pride style..... Double leg takedown by Arona. Full Guard for Ninja. Arona punches. Ninja tries for an armbar. Doesnt get it. Good punches by Arona. They stand up. Ninja with a single leg....doesnt get it. Arona reverses for a double leg takedown. Ninja is cut. Bell rings. Arona gets the nod.

    Herring vs. Fedor-

    Round 1- Herring throws a front kick. Fedor grabs his leg and takes him down. Fegor has FULL MOUNT on Heath Herring. Herring goes for a kneebar......Fedor escapes. Stupid Texas fukhead...Russians are immune to leglocks. Back to Herrings guard. Fedor punching away. Herring is cut. Ref stops the fight to check cut.....He's ok. They start again. Kick by Herring...another takedown by Fedor and full side control. Herring gets guard. Herring is bleeding bad. Fedor is striking hard from inside the Guard. Fedor takes full mount! Alot of blood. Fedor takes Herring's back! Uh ohhh..... Herring rolls and Fedor is back in the mounted position. Herring escapes and ends up in Fedors guard. Round ends. Referree stops the fight due to the cut. Not bad. Now Fedor has to fight Nog.

    Nog vs. Semmy Schilt

    Round 1- I was going to take a leak during this match but I figured it would be over by the time I got back so I'll just sit here. Standing clinch. Nog is having a hard time taking Schilt down. They go down. Nog is in Schilt's guard. Schilt is holding Nog's wrists. Nog passes to half guard. Ref restarts them. Nog takes down and get full side control. Semmy is holding him close and not giving him space. Little punches by Nog. FULL MOUNT for Nog. Duuuum da dum dum DUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM.... Nog punching Schilt. Ohhh I bet Schilt wishes he was in K-1 right about now.... Armbar attempt by Nog....Doesn't get it. TRAINGLE by Nog.... Schilt stands up....Nog not letting go. SLAM. Schilt taps out. Nog by submission.

    Silva vs. Kanehara

    Round 1- Pride should just tie Japanese criminals to trees and let Silva brutalize them instead of feeding him these poor guys and letting them believe they have a CHANCE in HELL. Silva punches Kanehara's face for him. Kanehara goes down already, big surprise there. Sounds like Kenehara is getting pimp slapped around. Now he's got full gurad...maybe he'll survive another 30 seconds. If he's lucky someone might throw him a .45. Then he can use it on himself and at least die quick and painless. Back on their feet. Silva throwns him down. Soccor Kick! GOOOOOOOOOAL! Silva stomps....its over. Thank God.

    Frye vs. Yoshida-

    Frye is wearing a GI into the ring. What a numb fuk. I smell work already if he keeps that thing on. Frye takes the Gi off. He still has a brain after all those steroids. Yoshida is wearing his Gi for the fight. They start. Frye jabbing Yoshida. Yoshida takes down Frye!! Wow. Yoshida working a sleeve choke immediately. Frye working out of it. Yoshida takes Fryes BACK!! HOLY SHEEEIT! Both hooks IN! Hes trying to choke Don Frye from behind. Frye is in trouble. Frye escapes! Frye working from Yoshida's half guard. Punching Yoshida. Yoshidas probably like "OWW! They no do THAT in Judo..." Yoshida trying to work another sleeve choke. Body punches by Frye. Ref stands them up. Frye punching Yoshida. Yoshida clinches. Frye looking for space. ref breaks them up. why the FUK do the STUPID AZZ PRIDE REFS break EVERYTHING??? They go again Yoshida has full guard. He's looking for a sweep and is working. Yoshida goes for an armbar. A GOOD ARMBAR. VERY TIGHT. Fryes arm in extended!! Ref stops it!!! What the MUTHERFUKK??????? I HATE PRIDE!!!!! DAMMUTHERFUKKERBIDCHBAZTARDldfjig[dhigrhi;i;fjio[w48irjiogrjiogmklgkl!!!!!!!!!!

    That lock was tight tho. Don didn't complain or anything. This is twice tho for Yoshida to submit opponents without them submitting. I'll have to see the fight. I'm glad he won. Technique over Steroids.

    Takada vs Whoeverthefukhesfighting.

    Its LATE and I'm supposed to fight tomorrow, or TODAY since its like 7am. Fuk Takada. The last thing I want to do is LISTEN to his MISERABLE AZZ lay on some poor opponent who will probably fell sorry for Japans top whipping boy and let him win. You want to find out who Takada sucked against find out yourself. Im tired.
    "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

    Reverse punch Kiaii!!!

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    I love ya man but don't give up your day

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    Thanks for the results - didn;t kno wthe Silva one.

    How to yoshida take Frye down? double leg?
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    Thanks PeeDee!! I hadn't had a chance to see the fights or even get a full review on them. Can't wait to see it though.


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