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    There was a Seagal movie where he was fighting some guys in a Korean grocery, and the guys says "NO FIGHT ON BROCCOLI!"
    So they move and he says "NO FIGHT ON CAULIFLOWER!"

    And I thought "That's the ONLY time you'll see Seagal fighting over vegetables."

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    Quote Originally Posted by strikistanian View Post
    DROP SEIONAGI ************! Except I don't know Judo, so it doesn't work, and he takes my back.
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    Why is it so goddamn hard to find a video of it? I've seen videos I'm pretty sure are alien spacecraft. But still no good Krav.
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    At the point, I must act! You see my rashguard saids "Jiu Jitsu vs The World" and "The World" was standing in front me teaching Anti-Grappling in a school I help run.
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    Guys, please. Stop clowning for a second. I need the truth!!! Will just one person just tell me the truth!? The last I actually saw Seagal, he was in a cop uniform, all clean cut and all, chasing bad guys in the hood. Yuh gotta give the guy kudos for that, come on. But now, the way you see him on interviews, even the way he looks in the pic right above here...he morphed his look again to stay cool. Im trying to figure out what that look is. Its definitely a mix between Tupac Shakur and an outlaw biker. Ok, so Steven now changed his whole image to looking like a bad ass biker and a gang banger thrown into a blender together. But somebody, anybody,anywhere........tell me.....................why did they throw him off the police force!!!! What happened to the man in blue we all know and love?

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