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    Important Pak Hok Pai News given out by the elders to the kung fu community!

    For those that are familiar with the pak hok pai (Tibetan White Crane style, hap gar, lama, white crane).

    Recently Cheung Kwok Wah publish a few articles in a kung fu magazine labeled, xin wu xia. In the magazine Cheung Kwok Wah talks about his past history with Pak Hok Pai (white crane), the art itself, the hand/weapon forms, and where his lineage came from i.e. who he learned from etc. One of our elders and the only "De" generation that's still alive today couldn't believed what he personally read. He did not like how Cheung Kwok Wah used his and his sihing (elder brother's) name in the article. Mr. Chan Huk Fu himself also could not believe how Cheung Kwok Wah made up a bunch of hand/weapon forms and claimed it to be traditional and real Pak Hok Pai. Chan Hak Fu being extremely frustrated got together with Lo Wing Chung (Au Wing Nin's main disciple) and spoke about this situation. Both of these elders decided that a letter needed to be written out for the whole kung fu community to clarify that neither Mr. Chan Huk Fu himself, nor the late Au wing nin himself has accepted Mr. Cheung as a student. The letter also stats that most of the forms and pak hok pai that Cheung Kwok Wah is teaching today is completely fake. They also want the whole community to know that after the late grandmaster Deng Zak Ming announced that Mr. Cheung is not his student anymore, Mr Cheung should not be considered as apart of the Pak Hok Pai community and should not randomly use elder's names to claim who has taught him his kung fu. I hope this message can be spread around the entire kung fu community and hope the traditional and real pak hok pai can stay alive.

    A video on youtube under "Pak Hok Pai news" has been posted with pictures regarding this information. or pakhokpai.probaords.com
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    Somone wasn't completely honest in a kung fu magazine?!?

    Say it ain't so!

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    Thanks for the info. Can you talk a little about Tibetan white crane?

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    Interesting. I await his response. Years ago, I learned there are always multiple parts to a story.

    Ip Man's lineage is full of dropped teachers who don't have "the real."
    William Cheung dumped former Sifus who don't have "the real."
    Chen Tai Chi has a teacher who has been disowned by Chen village.

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    I'm so dissapointed. I had hoped that I had finally found a discussion about the style of martial arts that I started in as a youth.


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