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    Looking for good martial arts place in Rhode Island in just about any style

    I had taken kenpo for a while, but I had to stop because of school, and now they want credit card payments only with a raised tuition, **** that

    I don't know of any real good reputable places(considering I ended up at a villari place being ignorant), it needs to be in RI, I live in Bristol so I'm not looking to drive more than 30-40 minutes cause I gotta work

    As for styles, anything but ground grappling like BJJ, part of what's gonna keep me going is interest and I like more striking arts or Judo for grappling, so Boxing, Muay Thai, another Kenpo place(not villari), things like karate or shotokan are fine but I'd rather not have a lot of forms/kata to learn

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Hi! I teach BJJ at a gym in Bristol on 15 Gooding Ave. that also teaches boxing and muay thai. Sound good?

    Jesse, a golden gloves boxer, runs the gym and teaches boxing there. Let me know if you need more info.

    Oh and I'm a student of Tim Burrill's, a very reputable BJJ coach who trains a lot of MMA fighters, a number of which fight in the UFC. So if you need another name in our network, feel free to ask.
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