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    I'd be doing Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jutsu, Kick Boxing, Boxing, Yoga, and a cardio workout plus open mat time and lots of fighter training. I'd hit about 20 hours of training per week. Is this a good spread?
    If you are training for self-defense/mma/street,

    You need to find 1 striking art and 1 grappling art. Train them for a year, then take some MMA classes to learn how to combine them. From the options you presented, boxing and bjj are the way to go. If you can find wrestling or judo somewhere, I would choose one of those instead of bjj. I would choose boxing over any stand up art as a base.

    Does this MMA school have seperate classes? Or is boxing and kickboxing combined and called ''MMA Striking'' or something like that? If they are combined, stay away. If there are seperate boxing classes, you need to do a credential check on the boxing coach. How experienced is he? Find out.

    I would advise you to find an actual boxing club that focuses on only boxing and a bjj club that focuses on only grappling. Ofcourse like I said previously, I'd pick judo or wrestling over bjj as a base.

    Oh and drop aikido and make sure you check out the credentials of ANY instructor you are thinking of giving money to.

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    I think it is a good idea not that you are going to do 20 hours of training but that you have 20 hours of training available a week gives you more oportunity.

    Our fighters in our club do about 3-4 hours a day. An hour of conditioning in the morning and 2-3 hours of training a night about six days a week.

    All up 18 hours.

    Look 20 hours is doable. Make sure some of that is things like yoga and you will need some proffesional therapy, Massage,osteopath thrown in there as well.

    As far as I am concerned I like people setting themselves challenges and trying to meet them regardless of what that challenge is.

    O.P you are far more likely to succeed by trying than by not trying.
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