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    Idiot parents & Child discipline

    In this news article these "parents" shave their 12 year old girls head and make her run up and down the street wearing a diaper and a tank top.

    Normally I'm all for disciplining a child but WTF?

    Who thinks these parents should retain custody of the children?
    Who thinks the government overstepped their bounds?

    My first thought was that it was a horribly bad decision but that the police should not have been involved. But my second thought was that if my X wife did that to one of my daughters that I would beat my X within an inch of her life (secretly mind you) then move to get full custody of my kids.

    Where the **** do these people come from?

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    I think matters like this should be reviewed on an individual family basis, and in this one I think this bit at the end is important:
    Officers had responded to four calls in the past two years at the family’s townhouse. At least one of the calls triggered notification to a county child protection worker, Monsrud said.
    These parents have a history of having their neighbors calling the cops on them; this is not their first time getting into shenanigans. What I'm not sure about is where the state should get its guidelines on what is and is not acceptable behavior, but don't expect to keep your kids if the neighbors have gotten CPS involved with your family and you continue to pull stunts like that.

    The particular punishment here makes me think that the parents are likely to be batshit crazy, or just stupid, and when they look into it they'll have a better picture of who they're dealing with. At any rate, I don't think shaving a 12 year old girl's head and parading her around in a diaper is going to put her on a fast track to higher grades, so if they're just some fairly normal folks then I'll go with stupid.

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    Some may not like this distinction but it sounds like society intervened not government. It's not like the couple fell afoul of some obscure government rule and mysterious bureaucrats showed up to steal their child. This was public, asinine behavior. Without civil government, neighbors would have to ignore the problem or intervene in ways with unpleasant outcomes.

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    public humiliation is one of the best ways to thouroughly **** up a childīs psyche. Furthermore, this particular form of punishment has the stink of sadism and power-obsession, not of concern for the child.
    Because of that (and the fact that they did it so often they even invented a term for it - "diaper-duty", what the ****!), it seems quite likely that much worse things were going on behind closed doors.

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    What they did sounds like child abuse, so yes the state should get involved.


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