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    Shall this one too be converted to the dark side of Judo and get thrown around by smaller and younger people to have his ego flattened under him?

    Only time will tell.

    Until then...

    OP, I did Aikido for almost 3 years and I quit right before shodan (which I'm confident I would have easily gotten), I showed up to EVERY class in that time, 3-4 times a week, constantly, and maybe I'll go back later. Of course, my experience is very little in comparison to yours but bear with me.

    I came here to this forum, like you seeking something completely different than what I got; how I can improve my fitness using Aikido.

    And I was straightened out man, by the (not so) fine folks on this forum, I learned about aliveness and about how some **** just doesn't work.

    I did Judo after that as advised and I HAD MY **** RUINED as if I had never trained anything before in my life, sometimes by 12-14 year old kids too whom have also never trained anything before in their lives. Everybody was better than me, and I STILL get my ass kicked but less frequently, and just recently I learned to throw people around too.

    A year in Judo, with the same dedication I had for Aikido, I'm much stronger, bigger and faster, than I ever was.

    Ironically I got what I wanted in the end, better fitness.

    The goal of providing this anecdote is to make you contemplate that maybe Aikido is...inadequate on its own. I know that I have lost all faith in its effectiveness in combat, or usefulness as a lifestyle.

    To me, this is a far more important issue than the name of the school you wish to start, how you wear your belt, and what rank you should use as a teacher.

    What you are teaching itself must be useful.

    Please understand that I too thought that the members on here judged my art without knowing anything about it, and that I practiced Aikido different from the mainstream. But most of the members on here were converted from compliant TMA as well, and they can relate to you more than you think.

    And that is my humble opinion mate. I hope it will be of use to you.

    Edit: I also feel bad saying this to someone who has much more experience than I do, you are justified in thinking "What? This noob thinks his 3 years of training matter? It took me longer than that to take a **** last night (in this thought a night is longer than 3 years)"

    While I don't mean to imply you have a really bad case of constipation, possibly intestinal obstruction (my parents are doctors) My point is that I will be (or try to) forever the humble student.

    But that doesn't mean I can't think for myself you know.

    This concludes the long-winded post for this evening. Good luck in your training mate.
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    i think the OP isn't coming back to this thread, and probably not to bullshido, so your post is probably wasted on him.

    he probably got pressure from someone else in that organization who felt that he was drawing negative attention to their style, and that he should stop posting on the internet about it.
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    I just read it and OP is gone? I'd wager that he has to keep looking, at least from curiosity - though the thread diverting into the merits of the style, imho, was a bad idea. And hopefully he reads my opinion.

    *edit, **** I just read the date on the last post.... Hmmm. Way to go Bullshido, listing this on the side as a hot thread, fooled me! That's what I get for hardly being on Bullshido these days - I haven't kept up, but my side kick and surfing are improving and I built a bath and two rooms under my house so we don't have to find a cheap room when we rent it out (

    I've trained under shodans and nidans who've started their own schools and sandans and up to 9th dans (whatever 9 is, uh, ich ni san... oh the hell with it). And it don't mean ****. The only issue would be if a student wants to test higher rank black belt and that will take, what, at least seven years? And that will give you plenty of years to figure it out. And call it whatever you want, no one will notice or care, and if they do, make fun of them or, as Ronin put it, let me show you my lineage on the mat.

    For instance, Del Griffiths my Kyokushin instructor, was nidan and one has to be sandan to 'legally' to establish a branch dojo and teach Kyokushinkaikan. He never mentioned this and couldn't have cared less. He called it karate, taught for 20+ years and his students got nicknamed "Del's Killers." One of his bbs wanted to test in Denver under the KK IOK Sensei and Del said, "I'm better than him." (Being a Utah hick he didn't know grammar: "I'm better than he," of course is proper).

    I was the only student to make it to his home dojo in Hawaii, working out their at various times on visits home. I wanted at one point to test nidan, but realized that I'd have to spend too much time training in Hawaii learning their version in order to test.

    I also came to the conclusion that it didn't matter what 'official' rank I held. I a legit bb and if I wanted I'd start Pat's Carahtey Emporium. I know I'm dodging many of the issues, so be it, the OP has gotten plenty of advice.

    I'm now training under a guy with a wall of certificates. I don't care about the paper, but since he's legit, they do represent what matters to me; he did get bb and learned his basics, became a kickboxer and fought full contact back in the early days, went on to achieve high rank in what he considers a more advanced effective martial art for self defense (blend of Kenpo and Kaju), and learned and teaches FMA stick fighting. So it's his knowledge and ability to teach that matters.
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