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This took place last weekend, there's been murder the last few months fights and full blown riots between some of these families so I think this was a straightener i.e. fights that would settle the fued, or prolong it I'm not sure how it works. As with all bareknuckle fights there's no time limit the fight goes on until one of the guys is knocked out or gives up.

Pretty awesome. I saw that documentary Knuckle and it really makes you think, plus it is nice watching gypsies punch each other so there's that too. I find it interesting that the fighters' seconds are in the "ring" and they play a much more interactive role in the fight, compared to how a fight team or a coach acts now on the outside of a ring in modern boxing. It's something right out of an old time painting!

The other interesting bit, from Knuckle but not seen here, is how self-regulating the fighting is in regards with "fair play". Even if someone tries to do something illegal like a bite, head-butt, or illegal hugging, the seconds step in and manage the situation. Pretty neat.