I'm really stoked by Google Play. https://play.google.com/about/

My son turned me onto it when I was back on the mainland in March. He got all my music on a backup hard drive from my old unit and then downed it to Windows Media Player in my new laptop ($400 hp pavilion g) and I joined GP and it started downloading 850 albums. Now anywhere I go that has internet I can play all my music. Also I've been borrowing stuff and ripping it and it all goes up into the cloud. It has taken me awhile to get all the album art and edit out some repeats - and some stuff was formatted wrong for the system, so if I want it I gotta re-record it. My old computer had stuff ripped over several years and various programs were used.

Now to plug in the earphone jack lead from the amp and turn it to Songs, either random or in order, both have their advantages, turn the amp up loud and start sanding the termite damage! Oh, first I gotta call the guys listed on Craigslist selling speakers because I ruined my garage sale Marantz three way ones playing barking dogs for the neighbors (top of the line Klips are still on the mainland). I know it's immature, but their fucking dogs kept barking and they were home so I blasted such classic hits from youtube as 'Annoying Angry Dog' and 'Shut Up Dog' and so forth. It actually seems to have worked, it's a lot quieter these days and they actually have made the effort to shut up their dogs. We also spoke to the neighbors who were letting their dogs loose and setting off the tied up ones and I shot at the wild pigs and they haven't been back...

Being an old fart (computer idiot I think it's called) besides plugging this service (it's free and up to 20,000 songs) I am wondering if anyone knows of any drawbacks to using it.

hmmm, are KEF C40s still worth $100?.... have to check this out, maybe get a new 5 way? Any advice from the music lovers on that? I donno if a cheaper 5 way would equal the sound from used ARs or JBLs or KEFs etc