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    Quote Originally Posted by lordbd View Post
    I think there is some good evidence out there that meditation practices do more than just relax you. Mindfulness practice might help improve ones ability to focus on some stimuli and ignore others. How this might apply to combat sports hasn't really been studied. A pretty good paper came out in '08 in the journal of clinical sport psych called 'Buddhas extra scoop.' Is my nerdness showing? Anyway my opinion is ki-fire-balls no. Improved attentional control yes.
    Have you considered that people might use martial arts as a form of meditation? BJJ and judo both force me into mindfulness, and thereby alleviate anxiety and stress from my day.

    There was a thread recently where something like this was discussed, I'll see if I can find it. There were a lot of closet buddhists too.
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    I do feel like physical training helps me focus and stay in the moment. That's a really good point.

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    I'd actually consider fighting and meditation two separate mental exercises.

    When sparring in sanda just keeping my cool and trying to stay alive/ attack, it's just mentally intense and very satisfying. Also, mental vs physical is a bit of a false dichotomy here, they're so intertwined. Basically it's dealing with stress physically and mentally.

    Meditation, much more introverted to me, like running or walking in a forest.
    I don't really see how meditating would help when fighting, though learning to breathe properly definitely would.

    Both develop skills and attitudes which are very useful in general.

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    When someone gives me something to train with, I often find my history coming up, my ego mind reacts before my aware/choosing self has an opportunity to respond. When that's the case, I'm blinded by my fear, and I'm interacting more with it than I am with the reality of what the training partner is offering me. I think most of us will agree (regardless of our style or background) that it's preferable to fight/work-with the reality of the situation rather than our projections about it. My meditation practice has helped (but still has a long ways to go) me let go of the strategies of the conditioned / habitual-mind and allowed me to work more fully with the reality of the present moment and what's being offered to train/fight/work-with in that moment.

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    Some work I did similar on the subject, I think. Moving meditation, in the moment, flow, the now etc etc.
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