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    Hi this is my first post on this forum.
    I post this since I am very interested in jujutsu in Holland. Apart from being a licensed teacher of jujutsu I am a professional librarian and have been doing research on the history of jujutsu in Holland for more than 10 years.

    This discussion is very interesting. There are only very few genuine koryu groups practising in The Netherlands.
    Jujutsu has been in The Netherlands since 1910 or so. Although it did not start with Van Nieuwenhuizen he has been instrumental in spreading the art and popularizing it.
    He did not leave a technical legacy in the form of a style.
    There is no Tenjin Shinyo-ryu in The Netherlands. The closest TSR I know of is in the United Kingdom under a legitimate teachers named Paul Masters.

    A mokuroku is a list of techniques. It is not a teachinglicense.
    Happy landings.

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    That is very interesting Johan, can you tell anything more about the lineage that Shintairyu and Mark Sterke are claiming?

    If a mokuroku is not a legitimated teaching license than the Shintairyu is teaching these techniques without approval of the Japanese soke?

    Text on the official Shoshoryu website is saying
    "At present, it is practiced by some pupils in Morioka City and Netherlands with the permission of the head of Shosho-Ryu."

    This doesn't say that there is a official Dutch branch of the Shoshoryu.

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    I have a very long period of training (maybe 12 years) within this school. The techniques taught are good and of high quality. That does not mean that what this is about, the techniques are authentic. The techniques are recombined scraps of all kinds of schools. The study performed is mainly from literature and not as it seems that Mark Strong has actually trained and authorized representative has been placed at the respective schools. He makes unauthorized use of these names and also websites where the headmaster of the school in question totally behind it and where permission has been granted. Overall, very good techniques which mainly come from literature, with a much too thick gravy kobudo. So you can say that you are severely deluded by the oversized ego, self-aggrandizement.

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