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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikorasu90 View Post
    I don't like the way they stop for a picture after they land their one shot in that video, I don't like it at all.

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    Nikorasu, where do you live? There's good Baji out there—you just need to find it. It's not evenly distributed across the planet.

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    I see nothing appealing at all in either of those videos. It's dead training. Aside from variations in the technique, it's the same type of drilling you'd see at a seminar with Hatsumi. If these are the best moments, I'd hate to see the worst moments.

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    Do you have balls to spar and study in a fashion that will guaranty pain on a regular basis? If you have the balls for it, you live in one of the best places to study kickboxing (Dutch MT). If its important for you to actually be able to fight and win against someone bigger and stronger, than i seriously recommend that you go to a big kickboxing gym, and enter the beginners. In a year of 3 times per week you will be able to handle yourself. It is not for everyone, and it is rough and hard (not talking about one session or even one month, but sticking with it till you are good). If you don't find it to your taste, and you are healthy and young than try Bjj, at least there you can tap when its too much. If you do choose one of those non combative/sport arts than just be realistic about your abilities. If you don't bleed after sparring sessions once in a while at least (with head gear), if you don't sometimes feel anxious before a sparring session than you don't get allot from it im afraid.
    Now, i have seen the clip, for a TMA i guess it is not the worst (they use some padding so i guess there is some force to it) but it looks so bad as opposed to boxing or kickboxing, choose wisely, and whatever u do just be realistic about what you are getting (by the way getting your nose smashed and having to go thru an operation to fix it so you can sleep without snoring like a beast just so you might be able to handle yourself maybe someday isn't a holy cause...)

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    I have what it takes to make some serious effort and withstand exhaustion and pain. However, I'm not willing to enjoy any injuries that may be permanent.

    I do not want to compete, so I'll make sure to train with protections. I'm willing to look for the optimal power at which to spar, since I don't want to risk, as you said, getting my nose broken or having a permanent injury.

    Anyway, whatever I choose I'll give the most out of myself and train hard. I just want to protect my body from permanent damage, that's all.

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    Your dream is not Bullshido-free.
    I love Bajiquan and did it for numerous years. I even used some elements in MMA. However the vast majority of places, even in Europe, do not teach Bajiquan without Bullshido.
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    Bajiquan here in Brussels, at my club seems to go together with Sanda.
    Baji = "dead" training.
    Sanda = application.
    There is some overlap. My teacher sometimes explains from which Baji technique a Sanda technique stems, he distinguishes between old and modern Baji.
    BIG disclaimer, I only train Sanda.
    The Netherlands are progressive in general and have good Sanda, look for a club which does both.

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