I am pleased to announce a two-day seminar focused on the naginata and jōjutsu of the Suiō-ryū. The source of these techniques are derived from the founder of the tradition, Mima Yochizaemon Kagenobu, from his years training with the Sōhei (warrior monks) in the later part of the 1500's. This is a unique opportunity to experience the techniques of one of the oldest extant martial traditions in Japan.

This is an open seminar and membership in the Suio Ryu is not required.

This event will offer two full days of training on Saturday and Sunday, May 26 thru 27, 2012 at the dojo of the North County Aikikai in Solana Beach, CA. (This is approximately five miles north of UC San Diego.). Training will cover basics and paired kata in both weapons.

The fee for this event will be $120.00 for both days or $80.00 per day with a required pre-registration of $40.00 by May 1, 2012. Due to space limitations (the naginata requires a lot of room!) there will be a maximum of 16 spaces available. Lunch and drinks are included.

A link will soon be posted providing more information (local hotels, eateries, etc.)

If you wish to reserve a space for this event please PM me, see the attachment or visit this link for additional contact information:


Best Regards,

Bradford Pomeroy