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    First MA experience

    I was wondering if anyone would like to share the loss of their martial arts virginity.

    Where did you start training?
    Was it a McDojo?
    Are you still with the same gym/dojo/school?
    Was it a good experience?
    Please provide a funny or interesting story about your early training days.
    and finally, any advice for a newbies first trip to the gym?

    I would start the discussion off, but I still have my MAV-card, waiting until the summer to start.

    Thank you for your time!

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    partz unknown, Buckeye Country
    American Kickboxing
    ITF TKD under master Y.C Kim
    Not a McDojo
    Real good training and sparring with emphasis on technique and strengthening. started losing interest because even with Kim begging her my mom wouldn't let me compete cause I was so small.
    Great experience overall. I started at 5 and quit around 9 or 10 because I saw Van dammes Kickboxer and decided i wouldn't do any other martial art besides MT.

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    TKD, CMA & American Kenpo
    A Kenpo Club in a local community center.

    Other than the Tracy's connection, no.

    No, that was 1980; I've literally been around the world since, and sampled many styles.

    Overall, yes; it was a taste. Martial arts has been a large part of my life since I was seventeen.

    As for funny stories, I wouldn't know where to start. I've seen a lot of funny and downright stupid things. The advice I offer: Keep an open mind about training and follow the guidance of the instructors. If you determine it is a McDojo and / or the instructors are bogus, move on and find a legitimate style. Make sure you train in a style or system that is well-rounded, and offers ground game.

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    Boxing, Judo, Kenpo
    My first taste was an after school program for elementary aged kids in Judo.

    It was a lot of fun, and eventually, I went from there to Kenpo.

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    Siling Labuyo Arnis
    TKD back in 1982, under Cees Keukens. Not really a McDojo, although the Koreans were the only ones doing stripes between belts at that point.

    Stayed with them for a year, but left after losing a sparring match to someone in my high school, so I switched to training under his teacher.

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    Hey great thread.
    I wrestled all through school and watched most of the original UFC events. Watched Bas Rutten's "lethal street fighting" and started goofing around with sub' positions and joint locks on the mat after practices with some friends. In 2007 I started training at Mystic Arts Society in Cambridge (masthaiboxing.com) run by Kru Chris Kew and Jeff Harrison and some other great guys.

    Very first class I went (after having a 'never back down' moment where i got done the warm up and started to get changed thinking THAT was the whole class hahaha.) I learned a VERY valuable lesson about the difference between THINKING i "knew" mma and wrestling. Kru Chris asked me if i would like to spar a bit with Syd Barnier because he had an upcoming fight with a wrestler and wanted to practice countering sprawls . . .. well let me make this story a little short . . . long story short I learned why it is a BAD idea to try and tackle your way out of a thai' plum (aka knees to the mouth.).
    After a night of getting liver shot-ted by 14 year olds and choked out by flexo-bendo guys that at a wrestling tourney i would have snickered at I was HOOKED.


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