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    Quote Originally Posted by taijidude View Post
    (although my wife seems to think I am, God love her) .
    That's what it's all about!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Scrapper View Post
    This is really ahrd to do unless you are cycling some really potent (illegal) stuff. If you are working out, and not into the heavy pharmaceuticals, your joints will grow with your muscles. As ever, consult your physician, ymmv, caveat emptor..
    I managed to do it, but I was doing a lot of power lifting. Benching 405 and started having trouble with my shoulders. Squatting around 500 and my knees were having problems. All I was taking was creatine and a lot of protien. But yeah, everyone is different, genetics plays a big part.
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    I've been getting testopels inserted under my skin since last summer. My test levels were very low for my age(44) and the doctor suggested supplementing it. The gels and stuff didn't work for me, but the testopels brought me up to mid level for my age. These are implanted every 3 to 4 months. My lean body mass is better, but I didn't gain weight. Had to start a diet to lose some though...

    The testosterone has helped mainly in that I am not gassed all the time. My strength levels have remained essentially the same, but I can get through my workouts without crapping out. I highly suggest supplementation ( legal ) if you have low T.


    I am in no way reimbursed/payed for distributing that info, btw.

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    I was taking Andriol for a while - orally, not injections.
    I noticed a difference in energy levels, for sure. I also had a semi-roid rage going on for a couple of weeks and couldn't figure out why, then I realized I was taking twice what I was supposed to be taking a day.
    I also started a thread asking for advice when I started and nobody responded.
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