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    New to the Fresno area?

    If you are new to the Fresno area and need a place to train BJJ/MMA hit me up! We are under Synergy Jiu Jitsu and Reaper MMA. we got our fair share of good and some great BJJ players as well as some really legit MMA Amatures and Pros. Our Muay Thai/ Owner of Reaper MMA is a great coach. He had is time as a Pro fighter but found his true calling teaching and making really good fighters! Our BJJ Black Belt is by far one of the best in the central valley! he has won the us open and now teaches at 2 soon to be 3 schools which you will have access to all 3 gyms for the price of 1! so if you are moving out here hit me up my name is Jon ill be more than happy to help!

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    This isn't a school review, it's an advertisement.

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    And a poor advertisement too.


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