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    It might rub off on my equipment... And I'm ugly enough as is...

    Edit: lol, my response works either way
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    I think I'll call this a quick journal update:

    Last Tuesday's training is still in my legs and arms. Yesterday it was the worst (and I had my third driving lessen and holding the clutch down while your leg's burning sucks. I also almost killed someone when swerving into oncoming traffic instead of braking as bicyclists crossed the road right in front of me... stupid reflexes you pick up from driving games... Indeed, games do kill, but it's Forza, not call of Duty...)

    Today it's a bit better, but I'm happy I didn't have the usual training lesson yesterday (the Chin Woo place has easter break. Training next week will be Wednesday and Thursday instead of Tuesday and Thursday and it will be half an hour longer than usual. It will also not be seperated between beginner and advanced classes. I don't know what we'll be doing)

    I think I'll be resting again today. I feel a bit like I'm being lazy because I won't have done any exercise for 3 days, but I'm more wary of continuing to train while things still hurt, even if it's not much. I might have overdone the stretching my legs part a little bit also, so it might not just be muscles.

    Thing is, I'm quite prone to injury, because it's easy for me to ignore pain and I have a hard time knowing when to quit. It's difficult to differentiate between "bad pain" and "good pain". I'd rather take longer because I didn't train enough than get injured. Last time I tried to get fit was maybe two years ago. I entered that online program (not one that cost money, just some dude's Blog I think) that was meant to get you to be able to do 100 push-ups. I couldn't even do five at first.

    That went well as I followed the program for maybe 5-6 weeks. I was doing reps of 20-23-25-20-18 (or something like that) in the end, so there was improvement (I think on the last ones I used to cheat a bit, but I didn't have my ass in the air like some people. I really tried not to, but push-ups are the hardest exercise for me. My legs are much stronger than my arms and stomach muscles just don't hurt the same way as arms do.)

    Anyway, I managed to injure myself from those stupid push-ups. I know now it was because I just didn't vary what I was doing enough, even though I did take occasional breaks, but it still makes me cautious, because push-ups were supposed to be "safe". I didn't go to the doctor, but my right arm started hurting more and more each time I was doing my exercises and at some point I called it off. It took more than a month for the pain to go away, and because I'm a creature of habit, I stopped the exercise back then.

    So, there, another history lesson about myself. I hope I can pick up training again tomorrow. Depending on the weather, I might go running (I've been doing the Nordic Walking things because I wanted to go easy on my joints, but I've found that even the little bit of Kung Fu training I've done till now has given me enough muscle and strength to feel a lot more stable, especially on my ankles, knees, and mid-section. You guys might not notice 1-2 kilos of muscle gain because it's an incremental improvement, but going from nothing to something is a night and day difference. Heck, I can actually walk and sit straight! How's that for fitness improvement?)

    (Did you notice I use brackets way too much? It's confusing, I know (the stupid habits you pick up from math class...(just can't help it, though)), but what's a body to do? (and where to put those commas?))

    Queue for conversation: You guys may now laugh at the weakling who managed to hurt himself doing push-ups.
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