Y'know, there should be a huge, neon, flashing sign on web boards everywhere explaining how stance training a) works, and b) is intended to function in a fight.

Stance training is a static training drill to develop strength in that position. Stances by themselves are used in MA to a) provide stability and b) generate power. No stance = no stability, no stable stance = no power. Period.

By training stances that are used often (not held, mind you, but assumed for a brief split second at the moment a technique is thrown), the body develops a powerful base from which to launch strikes. From what precious little I know about grappling, there are "stances" there too - the Mount, the Guard, Side Control, etc. If they are done properly, "no can defense," right? But if they are done improperly, someone that doesn't know their proper use has ammo to point out the flaws of using them in the first place...

Like the folks that say you don't need to a) have stances or b) train stances.

And for those that disagree with me, you can either a) change your errant ways or b) go right on ahead and disagree. It won't take away from my inherent "rightness" either way... :cool: