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    Sorry none of that counters what i wrote, and in fact it supports my post.
    I do not see where in your wiki passage (snicker) it calls the solar plexus a group of muscles.
    My criticisms stand.

    You need to look up Bullshidoka Argument #17, Argumentum Ad Populum; because
    "The actions of others do not make yours acceptable or correct. Many people thought the sun was in orbit around the earth for a long time - that doesn't make it valid."

    "Jargon" in this usage, is the proper terminology used by professionals and trumps the language of the lay person.

    The "solar" plexus has it's roots here:

    Not exactly a medical source.

    I use the proper terminology because it's part of my job, SOAP notes etc...
    I also aced all of my graduate level A&P classes, we never used "Solar" plexus in class.

    So while all of my points stand, yours do not and are increasingly off topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rene "Zendokan" Gysenbergs View Post
    If I was offended you would read language that would make a sailor blush.

    Kidneys, liver and spleen make better targets than a nerve bundle behind an organ/underneed the diafragma for striking or kicking.
    Whilest painful when contact is made, it's a very small target to hit when using fists and feet since they are also relative small.
    Personally a horizontal knee attack, preferably "jumped" or from a decent clinch position would be better.

    The "family jewels" are hanging between the legs, two very strong parts of the body (muscle and bone), that are very mobile and can take impact. Which make them great shields.

    The belly at naval hight is a big target. It's located at the height that your leg is almost at an angle of 90 (give or take a ) for impact, which gives you the longest reach.
    It's all soft tissue (muscles and intestines) so your foot will go deep into it. While the kick is already painful at impact, the compression of the intestines will put inside pressure on all the organs and nerve bundles. So your opponent gets an instand second pain wave of the stomach, liver and the celiac plexus, not so intens as a direct hit, but painful enough to back off.

    Also an opponent is usually aware that groin strikes (by kicks) and roundhouse kicks to the lower torso are/can be involved in initial combat, yet a lower abdomen teep is/can be a surprise.

    Very valid points. The "Solar Plexus" (as commonly reffered when speaking of blows to the abdomen) is a small target. The effect we looked for wasn't pain so much as disturbing the opponents air. When striking there we always tried to have an upward angle, and almost all torso strikes targeted this area or the kidneys. As a striking option, it was taught to use this inside a combination, a counter or as a pre emptive strike. Very rarely did we attack this area as a singular attack.

    Front kick was taught to land here, and since my TKD instructor also taught me MT, then he taught us to "Teep" there as well. Thus my earlier arguement about the leg kick versus the teep. In my mind, I saw you doing it as we did, but you do it very differently.

    Your technique and assumptions seem very valid and the only downfall I see is that a opponent may have a little more time to adjust for this strike than he would to the groin or leg, but I dont think it would necessarily negate the option to do it the way you do.


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    Wow, this thread went crazy. At first I was going to comment on the beauty of the lead leg roundhouse by talking about Buakaw and his preference for lead-leg kicks and how devastating they are (though I guess most are technically switch kicks, but whatever it's the same leg) and then show an awesome video of him smashing someone.

    Then a whole debate on the value and use and **** on a teep was started with tons of ignorance abound, so my natural reaction was to show how powerful, devastating and effective the teep was with a description of Buakaw knocking mother fuckers around with it and then show an awesome video of him smashing someone.

    But this thread has depressed me too much and instead of awesome videos of one of the greats (now retired) smashing people all you get are images.

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