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    Why you should be excited for Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson II

    The first Khan-Peterson fight was the biggest upset of last year. Some oddsmakers had Peterson at +875. Yet, he won by split decision on a controversial fight.

    For a moment, though, let's forget about the controversy and focus on the fight.

    We all know Khan is technically very good. He won a silver medal, and has blown past highly regarded opponents, including Zab Judah, Paulie Malignaggi, and Andreas Kotelnik.

    Everyone expected a blowout for Khan, and in the first round, it looked exactly like that. Khan knocked Peterson down by a vicious body shot. Peterson, however, got up.

    From then on, Peterson did something very few have done. He adjusted his strategy towards inside fighting knowing that Khan had only fought a taller opponent once before. That strategy worked.

    Each time Khan flew his flurries, Peterson would somehow find his way on the inside. Khan's only response was to either step away or push Peterson's head down. Problem is, every time he stepped away, he ended up on the ropes where Peterson would do his work.

    Khan therefore resorted to holding more often in the later rounds, which resulted in two point deductions one in the 12th round. Without these point deductions, he would have won the fight.

    Regardless, Peterson went up against an opponent all thought was his technical superior. But, during the course of the fight, he found Khan's achilles heel.

    What does the sequel hold? Who knows. But judging from Khan's response, it looks like he's got something to prove.

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    Should be a good fight, I'm looking forward to it.


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