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    Ninjas attack pot delivery

    Up until about a year ago I used to live in West Covina. Now there are ninja attacks. I'm not saying I was single handedly keeping the ninja population of that city under control via underground death matches and shadow warriorship, but I will say that it IS a coincidence...
    West Covina police say two people in ninja costumes robbed a medical marijuana delivery man but it's not clear how much money or marijuana was taken.

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl...#ixzz1qHA21EnO
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    I once moved from a particularly dicey area to a nice suburban area. The night I moved in (and got drunk) there was a shooting in the same suburb, a taxi driver had answered the door and someone shot him. Everyone made a joke about how I was bringing the gangsta to my new suburb (calling me Kellyville's Most Wanted, a play on Malibu's Most Wanted), it was really funny at the time, honest. Then three days later there was another apparent shooting, not far from where I lived. I started preparing alibis.

    First shooting was a shooting, I believe it was some monetary dispute, but it was a few years ago and I can't remember the article. Turns out the second "shooting" wasn't a shooting at all. A couple of 18 year old friends on their stumble back from the pub had an altercation that resulted in one of the mates picking up a two by four and cracking his mate in the forehead. The "bullet hole" was apparently a few nails perforating the skull. Pretty hectic to accidentally kill your mate on a binge session.
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    I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
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