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    Possible medical Bullshido investigated by FBI

    Doctorís career built on a lie, FBI charges
    For 20 years, everything in Fitzgerald Anthony Hudsonís life seemed to revolve around his quest to be a doctor.

    In a tale filled with bizarre twists, that journey has ended with the former York University dropout facing charges for medical fraud in the U.S.

    Full article at http://www.thestar.com/news/crime/ar...i-charges?bn=1

    I want to highlight this paragraph:
    One patient, despite having a documented allergy to Motron ó a non-steriodal, anti-inflammatory drug ó was prescribed two similar drugs, Toradol and Mobic.
    I hope no one came to harm from his alleged selfish ignorance and malpractice.
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    That's 'motrin', you motron! :)

    One would think that actually just doing the work would've been easier than all the work to maintenance all of those lies. Or maybe it was so long because he looks like Dr. Hibbert:


    He was punching him like the collective karmic debt he'd accrued was coming to collections, mostly on his face.


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