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You know the insanity behind the comedy?

We have fuel tanker drivers in the UK who are going on strike, because they're paid ONLY $72,000 a year. Yes you read that right $72,000 a year. Bear in mind the average wage in the UK is $41,500 a year.

I don't know what fuel tanker drivers earn in the US, but I suspect its a hell of a lot less than $72,000 a year and no one driving an oil tanker is in the top 20% of income earners.

Yet this wage isn't enough for drivers in the UK!

They're going on strike for more!

The mind literally boggles.
That's absolutely brilliant. Makes me wish there was a Gas Station Clerk Union.

@Permalost: I carry a 4" Winchester as a very last resort. Other than that, the Citgo has so graciously armed us with a black baseball bat. But I would never use either, or my hands, to try and defend my cash register against an armed robber.

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