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Thread: Shaolin Do: BS

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidokan59 View Post
    I will read the book for myself, that's why I said alleged.
    I know, but you said this which I am correcting:
    don't know what happened to him but there is a book called "The Bluegrass Conspiracy" or something like that and it talks about Sin The'.
    There is no alleged to this part of your statement. It talks about Bill Leonard and that is very sparingly.

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    Sorry for the confusion, you are right.

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    I'm glad to see this finally come out. Yes, with a bit of critical thinking it has been deduced before, but to have it come directly from The helps remove any last doubts as to historical accuracy.

    I have studied directly with The, and the Swords as well as other instructors, both within and outside of the SD/CSC system. Is The a better instructor than many? Sure, but that is more of an indication of how much they suck than of his proficiency. Is he a better instructor thn the Soards? I would say so, but I would not call him a great teacher. I have seen him repeatedly go back to his notes when he sends students off to practice instead of watching what they are doing and teaching. I've seen him change sections between times showing it (in the same seminar) and admit to forgetting and skipping sections during seminars. Generally he always seemed like he was performing with narration more than teaching. However I was willing and able to accept that. After all, he is only human and we all have our things that we need to work on. In part this was because of the friends I had made in the system, and in part because the material was interesting and I was able to take it and apply it against resisting partners. (in and outside of sparring)

    However the false lineage does matter to me. If it were stated honestly for what it is I wouldn't care, but to lie about it shows a lack of integrity (and disrespect for the students) that I find unacceptable. Would Itrain in the same art now under someone who was up front and honest about it? I doubt it. Mainly because it has left me with a bad taste, but also because after training in it for so long the material has grown less interesting as I start seeing the repetitive nature of the forms. Sure the have some signature movements in them, but the distinction between them gets lost as the same movements are recycled repeatedly.

    Do I think The is a good martial artists? I have no idea. He can learn (or remember/relearn if you prefer) a form and regurgitate it, but I have never seen him fight, or even spar. He demonstrates with compliant partners so that really doesn't give much of an indication either. So after being around the art for the better part of the past 15 years I have some serious doubts there.

    As to the validity of his 'lineage', he has removed any doubts. The same goes for his moral character when he stood behind David and Sharon Soard (a major source of finances for him) whenmultiple counts of Sexual Harrassment and Rape (pled to a lesser charge) were brought against David Soard by several instructors and aids from several schools. In the end, his talk about honor and being a good person meant nothing when weighed against the funds they provided.

    In the end, to me, it looks like The settled because it became apparent that he had a choice between admitting he made it upand might (possibly) have a copyright claim but no claim to lineage, or lie and try to keep a claim to lineage but loose any claim of copyright on the art. Either route represented a significant risk to revenue, but by settling he could put a non-disclosure clause in the settlement to keep it under wraps. Fortunately his testimony was part of public record and made public before the case was sealed.

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