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    Bas Rutten's MMA workout.
    Between this and the ending of ME:3, I have finally lost my last little bit of faith/hope in the entertainment industry that isn't an HBO series. Wish we still had the suicide smiley cause I feel that would be appropriate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by W. Rabbit View Post
    If there are none of these I'm not interested. Varrot if you know what it is in TMNT lore.


    Aliens!? WTF If anything extradimensional beings would be appropriate given the whole dimension x Krang deal. The mutant/ooze aspect of the storyline is vital to the truth that is TMNT. It was almost a political/global pollution statement like captain planet albeit a lot less gay. If M Bay can somehow tie the ooze/mutant aspect of the story into the alien agenda perhaps I will not hate the movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jspeedy View Post

    If M Bay can somehow tie the ooze/mutant aspect of the story into the alien agenda perhaps I will not hate the movie.

    In the show they were ankle biters.

    In the comics, these things would rip people to bloody shreds.

    How will Michael Bay tie aliens in? Easy, he has no creative genes so he'll use a very simple (popular) formula for superhero movies.

    They are:


    They are will be mutant turtles, yes...from the planet Krypton.
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    Mutagen was a political statement? Who the what done what now?
    I guess I was the only kind who would actively look for possible mutagen spills on and around his folks property, because I couldn't wait to bath my various pet animals in it and get awesome martial arts master talking animal friends.

    In a similar vein, I'm surprised no one has ever sued Stan Lee or Marvel comics because their kids rolled around in radioactive or toxic chemicals trying to have a super hero origin, I know my little brother tried to microwave a spider in hopes that it would become radioactive, bite him, and give him spider powers, but (un?) fortunately for him all that happened was the arachnid exploded inside the appliance and he had a lot of explaining to do to my mom.

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