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    Buakaw Speaks Out: “I wanted to retire, Por.Pramuk Control Me”


    Any questions asked about money, it should be noted that Buakaw quietly avoided answering, instead telling us that he’s suffered recurring injuries. It has long been known that Por.Pramuk have taken the lions share of all Buakaw’s fight purses; the strongest rumour being that when he won 10 million yen for the K-1 World MAX, that he only received 20,000 of it and that the rest went directly to Por.Pramuk who ‘bought four houses’, among other subsequent expenditures.

    Full video interview in the link.

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    Buakaw Quits Por Pramuk Gym

    Buakaw Banchamek (known as Buakaw Por Pramuk) made a TV announcement recently publicly stating he is leaving Por Pramuk gym due to mistreatment. He says he felt belittled by their comments during his training (things like, you're lazy and don't work, you drink and party and womanize, etc, even though he trains like a dog and has been steady with his HS sweetheart for years) and how much money his managers were taking from the fight purses (as much or more than 70%). This came after a 10 day disappearance.

    It looks like he'll still be fighting for Thai Fight Extreme and has another fight in the works and that he will be opening a new gym under his old/family name of Banchamek.

    Corruption is a huge problem here, not just in Muay Thai and it's not surprising to hear his trainers act like this. I've seen at work (teaching) and other places people of outstanding talent and work ethic put down for the slightest of faults because they make their lazyier counterparts feel embarrassed. I just hope this hasn't had a major impact on his training or his life.


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