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  • Karate

    57 23.95%
  • Muay Thai

    134 56.30%
  • Boxing

    47 19.75%
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    I went with boxing because I dont kick. I hurt a knee(not major) but I dont like to kick that much now. I stick with my hands and elbows mostly with an ocassional kick or knee. As far as the brain damage thing goes...just dont spar all the time. In any of these arts Karate, Muay Thai or boxing youll get hurt sparring all the time from the constant striking. Just use the bags, mitts and shadow box. Once in awhile go full contact. If you plan on competing then yea you have to go full contact but Im just doing it for self defense. So bag work is ok for me now.

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    I would like to inform you all that Karate won TWO YEARS AGO as of May. BJJ also won, but that goes without saying. You can stop bumping the thread now.

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