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    Burglary suspect tries to disarm policeman who trains MMA, fails

    Burglary suspect tries to disarm policeman

    A Morgan County Sheriff's Department investigation into people in possession of stolen property ended with the arrests of three people on felony charges on Saturday, including a foot chase with an armed ex-con who allegedly attempted to disarm a Brush police officer.

    Fabian San Miguel grabbed Brush Police Corp. Chris Pelton's rifle after jumping out of a window at a Brush residence and trying to flee, Morgan County Sheriff Jim Crone said.

    Unfortunately for San Miguel, Pelton is a SWAT officer who is also skilled in the mixed martial arts and an amateur fighter, Crone said.

    Pelton quickly subdued San Miguel, who was taken by deputies to Colorado Plains Medical Center in Fort Morgan for a medical clearance before being taken to jail, the sheriff added.

    During the struggle a handgun and a quantity of suspected methamphetamine were dropped by San Miguel, Crone noted.

    Illegal drugs and firearms thought to have been stolen from a recent Logan County burglary were recovered in the possession of convicted felons.

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    It is heart-warming to see that this officer took it upon himself to pick up an additional, useful skill-set. Good to know that he was able to utilize it to protect himself and subdue this ****-stain.


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