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    When hurricane Ivan came through and we didn't have power for 3 weeks, the red cross shipped in pallets of MREs. So we pretty much lived off them for a while! And yeah, it is doable but you will want some fiber in your diet!!!

    I was eating half for lunch and the other half for dinner. And mostly just the coffee for breakfast. Pretty decent.

    And at the time I was running convict crews on the roads cutting up trees and clearing power lines. So there was no other food to be had out there. But it didn't matter because they were damn good!

    The chicken and rice with some of those mini tabasco bottles! Yes!
    Combatives training log.

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    You're a sick, sick man!

    I often choose to eat unsanitized goat meat and ****-enhanced vegetables served by unclean Afghan and Iraqi people than MREs.

    That being said, Cold Weather MREs (white packaging) are really tasty. They do require water because they are freeze dried, which is non-conducive to hot weather patrols where you are already packing a couple cases of water in your ruck (or water bladder) just to not be a heat casualty.

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    Nice review! I started stockpiling food a coulple of years ago. No i'm not a doomsday prepper. It started as a economic experiment that maybe has gotten a little out of hand. Anyway because my experiment was focused on the money I had dissmised MREs early on but after reading this thread I will definitely give them a second look thanks.

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