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    1st priority is rehab my knee to 100% it's coming along well and I credit the kettlebell for helping me get this far. I feel like it's helped me worked my atrophied leg without the stress squats or other weights may have put on my patella. In addition i'd like to work back up to a good level of endurance. Maybe put on a little muscle mass and lower my body fat a little, not that i'm chubby by any means that's me in my avatar.

    In a nutshell I want all around fitness and athleticism from a workout. Hypertrophy and strength aren't purely my goals but are a bonus of a good routine.
    If you buy the ENTER THE KETTLEBELL book by Pavel it has 2 routines.

    The Program Minimum and then the Rite of Passage.

    Both of those will keep you plenty busy. I have had very good strength and conditioning success with this program. Once I can press the 70lb kb with one arm for reps I am going to go into the advanced double KB routines in RETURN OF THE KETTLEBELL.

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    Kettlebell training is great it works hips for kicking and also the get up is great for bjj start light 16 kg and make sure you get it right tape yourself and watch then go heavier. I use all pavels stuff don't worry about numbers and what workout. Just get in there and go for it.

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    I think we are asking the wrong questions here. Since it seems after spending over 2 hours here just getting to know people and social reading rather than research, it seems that 1 out of every 3 members here are obsessed with Steven Seagal...either with hate,ENVY, disbelief, or....adoration and love. So the question should be....What kind of Kettle bell training does Seagal do and will he release his secrets if we ask him publicly but respectfully on this board? LOL

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