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    I think that being in a 60 minute class is a huge red flag that your martial training is suspect. But you're right; of the piles of evidence that both parties provided that this place is a total joke, class duration is probably the least concrete.

    Of course everyone's views are valid. As the reader I concluded this school shouldn't collect from a guy who didn't find value in the training. My comment was in support of the original poster.

    It's a forum right? Don't I get to comment after reading both sides? I kind of thought that was how this worked.

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    Yes. Just like he gets to post a validation or dissent concerning your response. I KNOW that's how a forum works.

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    Been there done that. It is indeed a McDojo. How would I know? lets just say I experienced it. It is definitely not for me and I would encourage anyone considering the school do their homework on local schools in the area that dont cost an arm and a leg and do not require a lengthy contract.

    Why is it a McDojo?

    Said Black Belt Club is 80% children, half of which are not even halfway through training to a jr black belt. Initially Black Belt Club was reserved for those Brown Belt and up - now there are yellow belts. Said class costs an additional amount of money monthly and requires a contract, the student is locked in until hes black belt.

    Said Master has a tendency to snap and blow up at the class, and claims he can control his movement but has kicked teens to the floor in light contact sparring, hammered kids on the head that have helmets on, and uses force on a trembling student to make his point.

    Said Master took a 2 month hiatus with no explaination and couldn't figure out why any of the students didn't have enough classes to test. Not to mention he did not apologize to his black belts instructors or students.

    Said Master is a bully but you cant tell him that because he will go into defense mode and justify everything he says and does.

    Seriously do your homework before you sign on with this McDojo.

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