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    MMA Fighters / How many fights?

    I have recently become interested in watching MMA fights. Probably because I have been attempting Judo long enough to have an idea of what's going on with Judo. So I like to think I have some idea of what is happening when the fighters hit the ground.

    I was watching UFC Reloaded last night and there was one fighter who had 26 wins in the last 9 years and he was fighting someone who only had 16 wins. The loss and draw numbers were either 0 or 1 so I didn't pay attention to them. It seemed that both fighters had relatively equal experience (timewise) but different number of fights.

    How many fights will a Pro have in a year? Does it just depend on how quickly he/she recovers? Is it up to you as a fighter or is it up to someone else?

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    Yes, completely depends on the fighter. You have Travis Fulton who fought several times in 1 week. The most fights I've ever had were 4 in 1 year and those were kickboxing.

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    One a quarter is a pretty good clip. It depends on the level you're fighting at and how you finish.


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