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    -"Rampge" admits to testosterone use before Bader fight-


    Does anyone think TRT is a big deal? I'm still torn over the issue. On one hand it seems like an unfair advantage but on the other, as long as the levels are regulated, it's not necessarily the same as steroid use.

    Anyways, Jackson came out to say he injected testosterone before the Bader fight to help heal his knee up (though he gained too much weight as a result, hence him missing the mark).

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    I thought it was mainly used by juicers to help with their training. But ... I'd only be guessing that it would help heal an injury.

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    What do you mean "admits"? He flat out says it. What's the issue here?


    Oh yeah, and it's completely within the normal ranges. So **** you for dramatizing.
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    I had to take supplements for a while when a medication I was on was affecting my testosterone levels.
    If anything, I'd say the only real edge it gives you in the ring is in aggression. I don't see how it can help with healing, but then again , I'm no doctor. Someone must have advised him that it would help speed up recovery time.
    I know that you can sell it for good money..to pretty much any fighter or bodybuilder.
    Not that I ever did that.. *glances upwards*
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    Yeah, people tend to forget that a lot if those "drugs" actually are used for legitimate reasons.

    I see no real issue here. But personally, I don't have real issues with roids any way!
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