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    .. If you actually did read the thread you would have discovered that not only was your suggestion already suggested, but it was also established that his father was the one who signed. Hence, everything you posted is completely redundant. Furthermore, this is the MABS forum, and as a rule, topicality, relevance, and content level are enforced here.

    Nothing wrong with your intent, but your research sucks.

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    I stand corrected and I apologise. I had read all 14, now 15 pages. However, as stated, I was tired last night (well early morning) when I posted and it's possible that I missed a thing or two while reading through. I did admit earlier that it was a fairly bad idea to post and I feel like I've got egg on my face from it and I probably full deserve the bashing I'm more than likely to get for it.

    I did only intend to help here and had no intention of derailing the thread. Again, you have my apologies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jowalker View Post
    Whoa, lots of predatory business practices that have no foundation or merit.

    First, unless the contract is "legally binding" which means it must have been written and filed by a lawyer, it is not truly lefitamite, but rather a way of helping ensure payment. Plus, it would have to have been signed by you and stamped "in your prescence" by a notary. Many small businesses think a piece of paper they have you sign is a binding contract. In this day and age, it is not.

    Sounds McDojoey. I've seen some of the DVDs sold by these guys with paintball guns hanging in the background. Krav Maga is not bad (it is simply basic combat training for Israeli soldiers). I do see it taking the place of "belt schools" like Black Belt Academy and ATA all of the USA.
    I am not a lawyer but I work in a real estate law firm and deal with contracts and I would kindly ask you to quit giving horse apple legal advice.

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    It's a mcdojo all right!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clinchfighter View Post
    So after training there for 2 years, I decided to look at other options heres why:

    -Set and locked contract with a HUGE cancellation fee ($573 plus interest for how long you have been training.)
    -You don't get out of contract if you are injured...I should know, they still charge me even though I have showed the instructors my x-rays showing broken meta-carpals.
    -20 buck just to demo a class.
    -Krav Classes are 40 minues hitting pads with hammerfists(never thought they were really effective) plus 20 minutes drilling common sense...
    -Our head instructor, the only Krav Maga Worldwide certified instructor is absent frequently, leaving other, less experienced instructors to drill us.
    -Instructors go out of their way to discredit other fighting styles, in my case grappling.
    -You have to pay an additional 100 bucks a month to spar( I'm in High school, this breaks my bank, literally.)
    -Only allowed to spar at 20 percent and sparring is basically boxing with front and round kicks.

    Your opinions?
    I was in one of those, I left quickly The school i was with did all that they had an entire class on how to hold a pad for your partner, while that is important it does not take an entire hour....

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