:staredad:Our club has a student transferring to the Austin area this summer. I wanted to see if anyone has any feedback on Shotokan clubs in the Austin area? I have worked with some of the club members at our SKIF Shikkaku in Texas and California, but have not had a chance to visit their club sites.

I have spoken with the four Shotokan instructors in the Austin area, but I would appreciate feedback of anyone that has trained with clubs in this area. If you know of any other traditional karate schools in the area worth mentioning, please let me know.

Looking for:
- club that has both adult and kid's classes
- teach Japanese terminology
- qualified instructor (min. Sandan w/ credible org)
- recognizes one or all: SKIF, JKA, ISKF, USANKF, WKF
- BONUS: offers USA Judo training at some level