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    Yes im a noob which is expected of me

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    Not only are traditional boxing and muay thai stances different, but you also need a lower stance at times for shooting/takedown defense. I wouldn't worry too much about the traditional muay thai stance-its too upright and the hands are held in a position that favors elbows over punching while leaving your ribs and sternum exposed.

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    You can do both, but it's a bit redundant where you could also be learning a grappling art. Modern Muay Thai's punching game is very similar to boxing (same basic punches) with a few differences:

    MT stance is narrower, boxing is deeper as you don't have to worry about kicking, blocking kicks, etc.

    Boxing has a lot more head movement (deeper slips, ducking under hooks), since you aren't in danger of getting kneed or kicked in the fucking head.

    Hooks and uppercuts CAN (but aren't always) be longer than those in boxing, because at extremely tight hook/uppercut range, for MT, it's clinch time.

    I do take boxing classes at my MT gym occasionally just to work on hands only. It's great practice, but instead of taking up two striking arts, why not strike and grapple?

    And yes, MT doesn't punch as much as boxing, because punches are all that boxing has. But to say that MT doesn't punch that much, well that's just silly. You will be making full use of your hands either way.

    Good luck
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