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    Posted by Steve-kbi
    I just read all the comments in this thread and it seems to have lost its point!...


    Thanks for your interest in this thread.

    Could you tell us who teaches which classes? I can't seem to find any info online about that, when I clicked on the 'Enquire' button for Ninjutsu it said my enquiry was about Kickboxing! Scrubbed that and wrote my question, then it wouldn't send unless I gave my phone number! No Thanks!
    So if you have some info you could share that would be great.

    Are you Stephen Dixon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve-kbi View Post
    Black belt in mma sanctioned by the Great Britain martial arts association
    Do you know what this is? If so can you tell us more about it please.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve-kbi View Post
    Bit of a witch hunt as I read !
    That is a poor choice of words as the term "witch hunt" is used by many a Bullshidoka on this site when questioned about information they themselves made public.

    Consumer advocacy is something completely different.
    King without a crown

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    Stephen Dixon is the owner of Holistic Fitness Sport MA in Wimbledon.

    Stephen Dixon �?? 4th degree black belt / Director of Training.

    "I have spent time training in seal lung and wing chun kung fu, sport kickboxing, unlicensed boxing, armed forces control and restraint, unarmed combat, armed combat military and civilian, aikido, Pilipino stick fighting, various weapons, boxing, and most recently MMA.

    Master instructor (Great Britain Martial Arts Association).

    Senior tournament official WAKO/WPKA/WKA/WKO/UMA.
    Is it possible, Mr Stoke's hard sell and rudeness ( so far alleged ) aside for now, that our OP simply went to the wrong class?

    Edit: The .net site is a 404, there's some info here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by SY09 View Post
    Hello I signed up mainly for the purpose of sharing my recent experience with this organisation as I don't want other people to waste their time, energy and money going through something similar, please feel free to vet and verify everything I am saying as I am not here to make false allegations or slander anybody. Apologies as this may be quite a long winded post.

    So, myself and a friend recently decided to start training in MMA and he recommended this place to us as it was nearby so we dropped in for a class, looking back we were both quite naive and eager to learn and the people seemed quite friendly. The facilities were basic but we thought hey, they're welcoming and appear to know what they're doing so we got down to training.

    During the course of the first class we noticed that the instructor was primarily focusing on ju jitsu which we thought was fine at the time, the main drawback being we would be shown a throw then given 30 seconds to drill it before moving onto the next technique and this went on for the whole 2 hour session, the other guys in the class seemed to all pick it up very quickly so we thought it was just down to us being beginners and not wanting to hold back the training of the more advanced students we never questioned it. After the class we paid our money, said thank you to the instructor and went on our way.

    2 days later we both received an email from Eric Stokes saying thank you for coming, that he thought we were great students and then went on to explain about contracts and direct debits, this was my first red flag as I work in sales and use these kinds of set ups for pitches on clients on a daily basis but I thought OK he is running a business and not a charity, he seemed like a friendly guy so no harm done.

    The next red flag in the email was he said we would be grading in 2 months, now even though I am naive when it comes to martial arts I didn't feel in any way ready to undergo a grading after just 8 weeks and could not understand how he could tell I was ready from just one class. I pushed this to the back of my mind and didn't mention it the next time I saw my friend as he was eager to continue and had enjoyed his experience there.

    So we went to our second class...Immediately upon entering and already a bit cautious I noticed that the senior instructor under Mr Stokes attempted to high kick a stationary heavy bag and fell flat on his arse before the warm up. It occurred to me that a guy good enough to be an instructor should not fail so badly at something that seemed quite simple but I didn't want to offend anybody and pretended like I hadn't seen it. The class went fine, we again did the 30 second drills but this time did about 10 minutes of sparing which I enjoyed but ultimately left the class not having learned much due to the speed the drills were rushed through.

    2 days later again I received an email from Mr Stokes saying pretty much the same thing as the first time, only this time that there was high demand for his classes in the new year and that we would have to sign up quick to reserve our places. By this point I had absolutely no intention of going back as I started to feel like a customer and not a student. The icing on the cake was Mr Stokes has signed off his email "Eric Stokes 1st dan MMA now even being a noob I am not an idiot, I was well aware that he could not hold a black belt in MMA so I began researching and discovered he did not hold a single black belt in any discipline. Now I don't doubt that he is skilled in ju jitsu as this is primarily what our classes were centred around but this is not what we paid for, we were supposed to be attending an MMA class.

    So.. to cut a long story slightly shorter we emailed Mr Stokes to say thank you very much for having us but that we were not ready to commit to any gyms and wanted to experience a few more before settling on the right one for us. We wished him well for the future and thanked him for his time.

    The reply we received was childish in the extreme, it was basically thanks for coming but you've wasted my time and money (lol?) you're not cut out for mma and dont ever come back. What a clown and what a total waste of our time, effort and money.

    So you can maybe have a laugh at my expense and save yourself some headache in advance by checking their site out as I should have maybe done in the beginning. Unfortunately as I don't have enough posts yet I can't share the link but it is easy to find.

    If required I'd be happy to post up the email exchanges between us to prove everything is as I have said.

    We have since joined a gym where the instructors have actual proven cage experience and although new to it all are enjoying our time there immensely.

    Thanks for reading.
    Hi all, just recently signed up, and was going to post a thread regarding Holistic. Although a quick search revealed that I have been beaten to it, so I thought may as well contribute.

    I can echo everything related in this post, with the exception of receiving emails from Eric. Whilst Eric had good enthusiasm, he was clearly lacking from any real credentials as a head instructor for MMA(or sports combat as it is known there) in comparision to other gyms I have trained out of(I work all over the UK so I try out as many gyms as I can). The moment I walked in, it was Steve Dixon who had just finished teaching his kickboxing class and was doing the hard sell of signing up to direct debit, insurance etc, even though I clearly stated I'd only be able to come for two weeks due to work commitments. With that he turned away mouthing something under his breath. I was tempted to walk out there and then but thought I may as well give it a chance as I was there. At the start of the class Eric left to go leafleting and left the class with one of the students to do the warm up. At this point I liked it as the guy(I forget his name, but he was a former Thai boxing champion, who said he had been there about a month or so) had us do a pretty good warm up, and then showed us how to throw leg kicks, which we drilled for a good ten minutes or so. I felt despite the very basic and limited surroundings his level of teaching was pretty good. After this Eric arrived back and that's when my opinion took a nose dive. He would show us a judo throw, without teaching me how to break fall(which fortunately for me I knew already, but surely that should be one of the first things to teach when you have a perceived newbie) and it would be drilled for no more than a minute. Then same again with the next technique, and again. This continued for half hour. We then moved on to some sparring. But rather than observe, Eric was sparring with one of the other lads and not watching what was going on etc. Luckily for me I was put with the Muay Thai lad, who was, at least to me, a much better teacher than the instructor himself. He was very controlled and made things very clear to me. Seriously the guy is wasted in that gym.

    Then at the end of the class Eric would proceed to do the hard sell, just as Mr Dixon had done 90 mins or so earlier, almost word for word, which would lead me to believe that it's Mr Dixon who is pushing the instructors to do this. I expect it is the same with the other classes they do.

    Now while the price of membership is quite competitive with other gyms, the teaching was well below par when compared to other gyms I've tried up and down the country. No other club has ever tried to get me to fill in a direct debit form before I have even given the class a try.

    IMHO I'd say give this place a miss unless you want an extremely basic level of martial arts. There are a couple of other gyms in the surrounding area such as in Richmond, Croydon etc, where it may cost a few more quid a month, but the level of instruction is on a whole nother level.

    Personally, this was not the place for me. Just my opinion, but one it seems I'm not alone in

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    Hi, apologies for resurrecting this long dead topic but I felt it was important to warn people in case he tried to set up a class elsewhere. After doing a random internet search I found an article about Eric Stokes. Utterly sickening. It seems that being a total fraud isn't bad enough, turns out Stokes is a dirty nonce too. I don't have enough posts to paste the link but it'll come up on google if you search eric stokes mma.

    heres the article:

    "The victim of a paedophile who sexually assaulted her when she was a girl has said that reporting him to the police was the best thing she has ever done.
    Last month Eric Stokes, 53, who is a black belt in mixed martial arts, admitted eight counts of historic indecent assault against a girl aged under 16 over a four year period 20 years ago.

    General’s office will decide tomorrow whether an appeal lodged by an unnamed person will go ahead after it was argued his sentence of a two year community order was too lenient.
    Kingston Crown Court said Stokes, who lives in Mitcham, must also sign the sex offenders register for five years and be supervised for two years.
    When Stokes' offences came to light last week, he was kicked out of Holistic Fitness Studios, off the Broadway in Wimbledon, where he rented space, by chief instructor Stephen Dixon who was unaware he had even been charged.

    His victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said today that she hoped the case would inspire other victims of sex crimes to come forward.

    She said there was a wealth of support available now for victims and had nothing but praise for the police who helped bring him to justice after 20 years.
    She said: "I’d like to say to anyone who has suffered or is suffering at the hands of an abuser that you are not alone and there is always light at the end of the tunnel however unlikely that may seem.
    "This happened to me a very long time ago and I suffered in silence not wanting to believe what happened, but that only lasted so long.
    "From the first day I went to the police they have been incredibly supportive in bringing my abuser to justice.
    "There is a lot of support now for victims of abuse, be strong, don't be afraid to ask for help, it will be the best thing you have ever done. Believe in your truth and never doubt yourself.
    "My healing has only just begun as I continue my rehabilitation in to feeling normal again and I hope I can give courage and strength to at least one person so that some good comes of the abuse I suffered."
    Mr Dixon said Stokes had not worked with children at Holistic Fitness Studios and ran adult mixed martial arts classes from studio space rented from him at the venue.
    He said: "He used to rent space from me. I told him I don’t want him anywhere near the club.
    "I have asked him to stay away from it. I have terminated his rental of studio space."
    Stokes admitted eight counts of indecent assault against a girl aged under 16-years-old on Thursday, November 6.
    The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed he indecently assaulted the victim between August 9, 1994 and August 10, 1998.
    Speaking about losing his job at Holistic Fitness Studios, Stokes said: "It is really unfair.
    "I have been working and training in martial arts for 20 years.
    "The job I had was teaching adults and had nothing to do with children."
    He said he was devastated and hoped Mr Dixon would reconsider his decision.
    He had been working full time as a security officer at Lloyds bank in Richmond before he was caught sleeping on the job and was sacked in September this year.
    On the club’s website, which has since removed all mention of Stokes, a profile said he was a mixed martial arts combat Ju Jitsu instructor and was born in Chelmsford, Essex, before moving to east London, then Mitcham.
    It said he had been involved in the ‘fighting arts’ since the age of 14-years-old and had achieved a brown belt in Ju Jitsu, black belt in mixed martial arts and was a silver medallist at the Ju Jitsu championships heavyweight division.
    The profile, written by Stokes, said his other passion was cars having owned 30 in the last 24 years."

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    Hello, apologies for resurrecting this long dead topic. A quick search of Eric Stokes revealed he was convicted for being a paedophile last year. Not only that but it took 20 years to bring this dirty scumbag to justice. I'm shocked and disgusted to be honest.

    I'd paste the link to the news article but I don't have enough posts. It's quite easy to find online though.

    So not only was this guy a conman and a fraud, he was also a nonce.

    If you see this guy instructing a class; especially in a place that kids attend: Get it shut down immediately and stay well clear.

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