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    Quote Originally Posted by battlefields View Post
    I reckon, that Kale looks delectable.

    On the other hand, I have no idea what the **** Kale is, nor do I particularly enjoy chick peas and that is not onion, it is Spanish onion.

    I have been trying to eat paleo/ right for your blood type style diet and because I am o negative, I am forced to eat rare to medium rare steak and and some other things, but I didn't really pay attention to the other things because steak. Unfortunately the blood type diet states I shouldn't eat pig products but rules are meant to be bacon, I mean broken.

    um... you know the blood type diet is fucking bogus and ranks right up there with magnets and homeopathy, right? seriously? youre that fucking dumb? remind me to not listen to you again about anything.

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    Yeah, you missed the joke there, Alex, being that I don't actually follow the diet. It's okay, though, I understand that reading comprehension is a little hard when you're from New Zealand. You'd be that guy in the comedy club when everyone is slapping their thighs and you're looking around with your mouth agape and a furrowed brow going, "I don't get it".
    Quote Originally Posted by Devil View Post
    I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
    Quote Originally Posted by BackFistMonkey View Post
    I <3 Battlefields...

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    IF you have vegan friends, show them this video and watch them vomit up all those greens.

    A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig.

    This video is like Vegan kryptonite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CNagy View Post
    Theoretically, would you raise chickens if you had the necessary space? Not for slaughter, just raise hens for eggs. I feel like if the answer is no, then you are committed to veganism beyond the objection to the methods of animal-based foodstuff production. If the answer is yes, there are brands whose eggs...

    No. Because I don't want to. I never really liked eggs and having the space and ability to do something does not imply you should.

    My reasons for being vegan don't really matter, it's a personal choice. Just bringing up that ya'll are ranting about the worst ones. Just as a heads up
    There's possibly a bunch you don't notice because they don't care to hang out with a bunch of people wasting their time freaking out over what they choose to do with their lives.

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    This is a slight tangent, but can we please start complaining about fat vegans more?
    I don't know if this rings true of anyone else's personal experience, but 3/4 of the vegans I've known have had more than a few pounds extra. We have this stereotype that vegans are thin and frail, but this is as dated and inaccurate as the skinny nerd stereotype; like his dungeons and dragons playing brethren, the average vegan seems to be fat as a planet.
    I have no idea how eating a diet that consists of 85% carbohydrates could possibly do that to a person. None at all.
    The fool thinks himself immortal,
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    Even if spears spare him.

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    How much of the claims against PETA are true btw? Their killing of pets etc.? I know they are assholes but did they really do that?

    I've checked through the German PETA adds and it's funny: In Germany they suggest going vegetarian, NOT vegan.

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    Well where I live I'm just getting sick of people beating on vegans and veganism - they are getting far more annoying than those they piss on themselves. I know at least 3 girls who are vegans, my dear babe is a veagan (they are not retarded - judging from the sheer amount of data they have to process to stay in perfect order and by that that 2 of them are doctors) and they made no attempts to convert me into their religion or force me into submission. And they are all perfectly healthy, although they practice their habbit for many years. But it takes a painstaking time and research if you wanna stay in a good skin, I'll admit that. Also great problem would be giving a birth. Since having a child is a great stress for women metabolism and body.

    I am not one of them and NEVER could be. But I eat far less meat since I train. I love dairy - yoghurt, milk, cheese, curd, I couldn't give up on eggs even in my darkest nightmares, but meat, especially that cheap shop meat ---- well it literaly sucks. I can't stand the smell and look of most salame, ham,... Every now and than I gobble a steak, otherwise I just take protein shakes.

    Just my wiew on the subject, happy execution ; )
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    Quote Originally Posted by LarsCG View Post
    I'm a vegatarian that also eat fish. A.k.a. "sellout".
    In the UK, we call that a "Fish&chipocryte"

    I hold a fairly simple view: Vegetables are the food that food eats.
    It's stood me well over the years.

    I have a vegetarian (not vegan) wife. She has been a pretty strict vegetarian since she was 13. She encourages my son to eat a balanced diet that includes meat, and while pregnant, she forced herself to eat fish for his benefit.

    Its a moral choice I guess, but anyone making a moral choice without also engaging their brain is a twat.

    When life gives you lemons... BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!

    "what's the best thing about aikido then?"
    "To be defeated by your enemies, to be driven by them from the field of battle, and to hear the lamentations of your women." ermghoti

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prone View Post
    How much of the claims against PETA are true btw? Their killing of pets etc.? I know they are assholes but did they really do that?

    I've checked through the German PETA adds and it's funny: In Germany they suggest going vegetarian, NOT vegan.
    Ingrid Newkirk, who is to PETA what Phrost is to Bullshido, takes medication that was tested on animals.

    Actually, ****, here you go:

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    Maybe vegetarians need to learn from this guy:
    Quote Originally Posted by Newb1 View Post

    B) I could not beat a Judoka with Aikido. I could only beat an Aikidoka with Aikido. I thought that was understook.

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