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    Let's Discuss Veganism and Why It's Retarded

    Let's get this out of the way first: Vegetarians, you're ok. A little weird (because meat rules), but ok. You're the nice Muslim family living down the street; the husband is an IT manager and the wife volunteers her time at the public library.

    Vegans, however, are these assholes, ie. Fundamentalists. People who put their ideology above practical concerns, faith over reason, belief over evidence.

    What evidence, you say?

    How about the vegan French couple who killed their child by not ensuring it had a normal diet?

    How about the fact that Veganism literally makes people stupid? Don't believe that article? How about the fact that Vegan fighter Mac Danzig is dumb enough to accept sponsorship from a fight gear company that sells shirts proclaiming "The Fourth Reich Has Begun"?

    We don't use the word "retard" lightly. Ok, sometimes we do, but not in this article. Because, in this case, the non-pejorative meaning of the word is directly applicable. If it were not for humans eating meat, specifically cooked animal flesh, our brains would not have developed to the point where we could start making freeways and breakfast cereals and digital video cameras capable of recording two females and their adventures with a cup.

    Hey PETA, bet you think you'd have gotten away with your bullshit, if it weren't for those meddling Anthropologists!

    All in all, veganism is flat-out retarded; Simple Jack retarded. More accurately, living in trees and flinging ****, retarded.

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    This reminds me of when I used to be the assistant chef at a Girl's Scout camp.

    We had a couple of vegetarian campers, which was no problem, but we had 2 campers, sisters that were vegans. The older one was fine, we could adapt to her, and she was a little rebellious and would "sneak" some animal protein. Her younger sister though, was 10, and had severe soy and gluten allergies. This meant that she could pretty much eat nothing, which led to her being severely malnourished. Her parents also didn't believe in supplements or vitamins.

    She stayed for 2 weeks, and every day I was surprised that they didn't find her floating facedown in the lake every morning.

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    His heart was visible, and the dismal sack that maketh excrement of what is eaten. supporting member
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    I've been known to go on some hardcore diets, which for me means I eat chicken breasts and tuna steaks instead of pizza and bratwurst.

    I've briefly entertained the idea of vegetarianism in the past because you don't see all that many fatass vegetarians dropping dead from heart attacks before their 45th birthday. So that's cool.

    But vegans? I mean, I don't even really know what the **** it is they actually DO eat. Grass? Bean sprouts? Water chesnuts? Hell if I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devil View Post
    But vegans? I mean, I don't even really know what the **** it is they actually DO eat. Grass? Bean sprouts? Water chesnuts? Hell if I know.
    I live in Southern California. So, as expected, I have a fair number of friends who subscribe to alternative diets (from vegans to paleos to these people)

    Vegan really isn't that bad, though I could never subscribe full-time to it. I, luckily, have a friend who is a vegan but isn't militant about spreading the word. She lets her daughter eat a regular diet and doesn't mind if I eat meat in front of her. So I think I found a sane vegan and won't take Phrost's rant to include her.

    That being said, there's some awesome vegan restaurants in LA

    Paru's Indian Restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant that has vegan options
    Planet Raw has some damn decent food, and the actual restaurant isn't as pretentious as its website.
    Angelato Cafe in Santa Monica....does have vegan gelato. Yes, it exists, and it's not that bad.

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    Don't you diss Simple Jack, Phrost! Simple Jack rules.

    On topic: It's just complete and utter bullshit and most vegans really try to put others down. I had a colleague at work who was a vegan. He always kept telling us that we were bad people and how his ways were the only acceptable. Also when we had company meetings he demanded we got vegan food (which meant one of us had to drive one hour to a bakery which had vegan stuff and then back).

    I think it's stupid, that's about it.

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    I love Vegans, especially with hot sauce.

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    It's well beyond stupid, it's outright dangerous and unsustainable.

    If it weren't for the advances of the human race, due in large part to the development of the human brain as a result of cooking and eating meat, we wouldn't have a society so far advanced to the point where idiocy like this, being Lindsey Lohan, and all sorts of other nonsense aren't fatal.

    Hell, we wouldn't even have the time to sit here discussing why it's retarded; we'd be too busy scrounging for something, anything, to eat.

    And for the children of Vegans (from here on out referred to as "Fundamentalist Vegetarians"), it actually can be fatal.

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    I've kind of fallen out of using the forum, but, this came up on my facebook.
    As a vegan involved in this very meaty sport I thought I'd throw in some thoughts.

    A lot of vegans don't associate or agree with PETA. PETA is like the Westboro Baptist Church of animal rights.

    I, and many other vegans I know, believe veganism to be a privilege of our industrial/post industrial society. It's a decision based on our moral qualms over the way that this food is acquired. In a hypothetical hunter gatherer situation I would obviously not be vegan. Or if I was in a pre-industrial or 3rd world situation, being vegan is obviously a big privilege

    I also think that vegans that spend time arguing over technicalities in digestion, the shape of our teeth, certain societies or animals having vegan friendly diets etc etc... lose sight of the fact that it ends up being a personal choice to ease your own moral dilemmas. Being part of the 1st world, if you care to notice, comes with some questionable practices.

    But, by all means, make fun of PETA, hippies, 40 year old Buddhist liberals . I do.

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    I know a significant number of vegans, and have only met two who are extremely annoying about it. The defensive backlash is as tedious as the militants are, honestly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phrost View Post
    There is no single greater example of left wing hypocrisy than PETA.

    Its almost as if someone had designed it purely for that purpose.

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