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    4 Ways To Deal With Situations Against The Over/Under Pass - Scully

    So a few months ago I sent out a video of myself showing the Over Under pass and hitting it in competition and since then I've been contacted by a lot of people letting me know this has become their favorite pass and many have actually hit it in competition as well.

    I've also been getting a lot of messages asking me some "what if" questions.* The #1 "what if" was, "What if the person attacks your arm for a kimura". The other was "What if they post on your body".

    I decided I would take a moment and film something for you guys that may help you deal with some common situations that happen that can increase the percentage of you hitting the Over/Under pass and stay safe at the same time.

    These situations are usually only an issue when your opponent is familiar with your move, which DOES happen.* So it is important that you have some options. Check out the video here:

    Hopefully it answers some questions for you and helps clear some things up as well.

    The Over/Pass has been my go to pass for a very long time now and I think it works well for all types of players.

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    Really great follow up about that pass. The kimura is the 1st thing I look for there. Does it work as well to straighten your arm in gi? They would def have an easier grip.

    I have needed to mention that the pendulum sweep (from ankle posturing on hip threatening inverted arm bar) you posted last month worked awesome on a 260 lb blue belt I surprised with it after I watched your vid. I am always threatening that inverted arm bar so my team is falling for that sweep! There have been a few things you posted that have really helped me and I greatly appreciated it.

    I told jnp how well it worked and he chewed my ass for not posting about it. So there.

    We are really impressed how well you communicate killer techniques! Keep em comin.


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